Reviews For KAAY

Talk about taking me back in tme. When I was a kid and first heard Clyde Clifford and KAAY Beaker Street, I couldn't wait for the local AM stations to shut down for the night ( remember, this is the late 60's and early 70's when FM wasn't even ready for the air waves until 1974, so all the AM stations that were under a different license than their big brothers like WGN or CBS had to shut down for the night) and tune this fantastic station in. If it weren't for Beaker Street, I would never have found Blue Oyster Cult or ZZ Top. It got even better when I joined the Air Force and was stationed at Lackland. Even when I reached Grand Forks AFB in North Dakota, there was that once in a while chance when the atmospherics werejust right, I could get KAAY faintly. God, do I wish for the old days once in a while. I once spoke with Clyde clifford back in the 80's and was surprised to find out that he was with another station. He's a great guy and broadcaster. These podcast wil be listened to over and over again.