Overeaters Anonymous L.A. Event Speakers

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I am truly so fortunate to be a part of the OA Program, and what a blessing for your intergroup to carry the message here. Listening to your podcast has saved me from relapse plenty of times. You're such a blessing to the eating disordered community. Thank you for your service! The stories are real, insightful, and inspiring. I am so thankful for the speakers and workshops on here.
There are three more of these feeds from the L.A. Intergroup. Search "Overeaters Anonymous" in the iTunes store and you'll see all of them, as well as podcasts from many Region 2 Conventions, the OA WSO podcast and Metro West Intergroup's (Boston) podcast.
I listen daily- and am running out! Keep them coming!!!
Will u post more pods?
Thanks so much for your service! Have the uploads stopped? I see them only till 2008