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Reviews For Hate Speech Radio

These are not stupid rednecks reading The Turner Diaries on air. These are funny, smart people going over current events an tearing into the stupidity and guilt of modern society. It hosted by David Harris a Magister in the Church of Satan, and Heather Height, Mersh, and Evan Weiss, NYC stand-up comics. I's worth a listen. If you like, you'll be hooked.
I'm glad you guys think your funny, because it's not the least bit entertaining.
I first listened to Hate Speech Radio after being an avid fan of Magister Harris' other show Satanism Today for several months, and I was certainly not disappointed! It is nice to see the other side of the Magister, and the co-hosts, Heather and Drunk Chuck (CD-3) are also excellent and hilarious in a blunderful, wonderful way. As I am not able to listen to their shows live for various reasons, I have made it a point to subscribe to HSR and Satanism Today on iTunes so I can get my weekly Harris humor/religious fix!