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I wish there would be more, and they were longer. That is my only complaint. Just give me more. You don't even need to be funny all he time. Just hearing your voice talking to people is amazing. Please! Pleeeease!!!!!!
I went through every episode in about a month. can't get enough. Loved it! I discovered Katz on Gilbert Gottfried's podcast. Then I discovered the cartoon, and now this podcast. I can't believe I had never heard of him before.
Loved Dr. Katz since the TV show began, and I love this podcast now.
Just wish they came out more often.
I loved Dr. Katz when it was on TV…and its great to hear Jonathan Katz in podcast form. In my book he’s up there with Steven Wright, Jerry Seinfeld and Robin Williams.
I just heard a Dr. Katz reunion with Jon Benjamin. I think I am going to die.
Episodes don't appear frequently, but it's Jonathan Katz, so you know it's always a stitch. Listen to them all.
He has always been funny and I don't know why.........ha ha
I love this podcast. I have not laughed out loud so much or as many times as I have listening to Hey, We're Back. Can not WAIT to hear more.
Please keep them coming.
Ever since the loss of Dr. Katz Professional Therapist I have been lost. "Hey, We're Back!," is just what the Dr. ordered though. All kidding aside, it's great to hear Jonathan Katz, keep up the great work.
Very dry and intelligent humor. I love it. I wish that he would make more.
Hey We're Back is Jonathan Katz at his best. He can go anywhere he wants with it, and he does. He's not restricted by form as he would be with Dr. Katz or with standup comedy. His standup is hilarious, and Dr. Katz is fabulous. But with Hey We're Back, he can go ANYWHERE his mind takes him. Jon Benjamin as Hannah Montana? Ya gotta love that! The Home for Re-Enactors! Omigod! A Venison Only Restaurant? How bizarre and hilarious. Keep listening. You never know who or what's next! That's one of the MANY great things about this Internet Radio Show. THis is NOT a podcast. It's an internet radio show...and a great one.
If you like intelligent, subtle comedy, this podcast is for you. I enjoyed listening to every single episode, and was checking back hoping that more were available. Jonathan....PLEASE!!
Really great.
Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this.
Man I miss Dr. Katz! So happy to have found this podcast.
Listening to Episode 10 made me laugh to myself on the train, which probably looked odd since I wear the kind of in-ear phones that you can barely see from more than a foot away. I'm an old fan of Katz, and I admit I didn't fully appreciate his low-key style when I was ten years younger. Unlike others of his generation, his material has gotten even better over the years, and some of his best stuff is available right now. If you like the podcast, you'll really like the CD.
Wow! I just listened to them all while I was lying in bed next to my wife and I think I woke her up about 20 times when I laughed out loud at a few of Katz's segments! I really enjoyed the podcast number 8 where he has an old friend revisit (H. Jon Benjamin and his great voice!!) and talk about log rolling. I also enjoyed his conversation with the dating service and when he describes himself being riddled with eczema is just hilarious!!!! (By the way, Jon…bring back H.Jon Benjamin more often…when you two are together, I could listen to you two talk forever; even if it is about the most mundane of topics…it is just priceless when you both have a dialogue between each other….I can’t quite figure it out, but there is something special there!!) What I really enjoy about this podcast is that it brings back the magic of the show Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, because it is basically just Jon Katz doing his thing with this crazy cast of characters around him and it is just magical how he reacts to everything around him. I am also very saddened to hear that JK has Multiple Sclerosis, so I hope he is ok...he is such a great man. There is something very genuine about his humor and how he presents it....I guess that is what made his comedy central show so special. I also love his calls to directory assistance; like the one where he says "howareyou" and she says, "fine, how are you" and he says, no, I was looking for a "Howard Uye" or to something of that effect. Anyhow, this is genius and I will be looking forward to more podcasts from one of my favorite comedians of all time! Jonathan Katz, if you are reading this review, you are ONE special comedian and I hope you all the best with your life and everything you do. Thanks for making me smile!
If you love and miss Dr. Katz, you'll love this as well. Much-too-short segments, but hilarious with that same Katz dry humor
Jonathan Katz is funnier now than he ever was on Dr. Katz. This might be his best work ever.
Smart, funny, homemade, not too slick. When do we get more?
I've enjoyed everything I've heard from Jonathan Katz and this podcast is no exception. Great writing and delivery.
Thank you for this podcast. Absolutely hilarious!
This is simply the best podcast you will find. I have no idea what the guy before me is talking about. He does one piece about Karl Rove, written by someone else, and all of a sudden directory assistance skits are political?
This is one of the funniest, most creative podcasts out there. I love it!!!
Nice to hear his twisted style again. You would think with 84,000 TV stations someone would pick up Dr Katz Show for syndication. Even though the animation style caused epileptic seizures in animals and small children, I still think they should bring it back.
Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist was one of my favorite shows when I was in high school in the mid-to-late 90s, so I'm thrilled to rediscover the comedy of Jonathan Katz. His humor style is very unique - very laid back, very dry, very character and neurosis-based - but not quite so intellectual as someone like Garrison Keillor (who I also love). I've never come across another humorist quite like Katz. Anyway, the podcast's great. It's not the sort of thing everyone would love, but if you liked Dr. Katz back in the day, you'll love this. My favorite segment is Katz's "relationship" with directory assistance. It's the sort of humor that sounds bizarre if it's explained to you, but always gets a laugh in practice. Highly recommended.
Jonathan Katz is a comedic genious! I miss Dr. Katz. He's off to a funny start here.
Jonathan Katz - I love his dry stammering delivery. Humorous interaction with live directory assistance. small interview scenarios. I wish it was longer. I will listen to the same set of tracks over and over and over and ... well you get it.
Oh man, this is such an excellent podcast! I now listen to it religiously. His humor isn't quite laugh out loud, but I listen to it on a rainy or cold day because he is so enjoyable! Everything he says makes sense, and I love the "Better Safe Than Sorry" part of the show. Johnathan, please continue to make these! They are amazingly...amazing!
I have missed this guy since "Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist" left television. This radio show is hilarious, but I must say, a little too short. I'm hungry for more laughs. I need more Katz to get my fix! What do you say, Doc? Help me out with some longer shows, will ya?
I'm so happy that Jonathan Katz started doing this podcast. There is something about him that just makes me laugh. Each episode is totally classic and uniquely Katz.
Oh man, never get enough of this guy. So glad he's doing this. "Howard Hugh".... haha...