I love the mixes. Thanks so much for the time you spend on them. The Mötley Crüe mix has to be my favorite surprise find. Can't beat the format of the three hit mixes either.
I work on a private yacht as main steward and one of my responsibilities is the music. I use this podcast above all others! I never have to rush to my iPod and ff or select another. This is my Official Podcast for Yacht Guests! My VIP guest is a famous rapper who also loves it! Thank you for the Dirty Pop and all the previous mixes!
I Love His Megamixes I Been Follow Him For Long Time!!!!
i am a rookie dj, i do love this guy mixes , especially because i love megamixes i also enjoy the fact that he mix music that everybody knows i mean hits, it its great the mixes that he does especially AHA MIX , VILLAGE PEOPLE AND SO ON , i hope you can mix more hits from the eigthies short mixes wich are the best . KUDOS !!!!!!!!
Heard about your podcast on the Sirius OutQ morning show, they sound awesome.
I really enjoy the mixes when i am working out at the gym.


Been fan for a long time! This guy rocks! If your looking for variety, look no further. With precision, he mixes our old faves with an incredible range of todays music. Theres not a genre of music this guy don't know. ( and isn't afraid to mix it. Flawlessly ) Both my ipods are filled with Cols stuff. So for hours of great music, get to downloading.