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what is this guy talking about? things he knows nothing about? There are no answers just a sermon and some sinner up there selling you snake oil. he is not a preacher of any faith but his own and has no degree in science. Darwin was religious and like most religious people I know in science study the wonder of nature to better understand well me..god. Not this trite dogma that has no place in todays world. Evolution in not a theory; it is a law. Origin of life is what this guys is trying to tie in and no scientist I know touches that one but do suggest how things occurred. You monkey i Put down here really do not get it and want to think magical things and fantasy. Reality is the magic and understanding is what you all need to do. Go back to school and stop doubling those that know a hell of a lot more then you or do not respect knowledge and go to hell


So thankful for Ken. He's my childhood hero. I've seen him live once and I will again later this year. He's a great explainer and captivator. Love his sermons!
Ken not only explains how the theory of evolution contradicts Scripture, but does it in a common sense way that is easy to understand. His explanations of Creation are great object lessons, and always point to the power and creativity of The Creator. His use of humor, facts, and unusual topics really make it a joy to learn about science, Ken also shows how to apply the answers from Genesis to our lives today, and arms us with information to use with others that we encounter in everyday life. I wish he would produce more sermons like this series.