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Strawman at best, mostly disingenuous, deceitful and bigoted at its worst.
I feel so sorry for these individuals who give false testimony against the church. We read the bible at every mass then there is a homily in reference to the readings, how can someone miss that basic essential part of the mass, unless they were snoozing. I have realized that some were in need of personal attention or just had a bad religious upbringing and criticize the church for their short comings. I recommend anyone to see the Father Barron series Catholicism and judge for themselves if the church founded by Christ is as promised by Christ himself. Remember that we believe in the 7 sacraments given to us by Jesus and we receive the Holy sacrifice of His body and Blood at every mass. 2,000 years since Jesus' ultimate continuous sacrifice and his visible church, and still going strong. Amen and a good luck on your journey to the fullness of truth.
Old fashion - nazi like - hate speach, inspiered from below.