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Remove your presuppositions, forget what you've been brainwashed to believe and listen to this... check the references, they are factual, check the science it is truthful - open your eyes and be set free! It is not blind faith to believe in what the Bible teaches, believers have a very reasons faith established on solid ground.
Dr,Hovind is my favorite speaker This man deserves so much respect!
God Bless Kent Hovind


I used to watch this as a kid and I thought it was good back then!! It's still good now!!
Truth!!! Must listen!!!!
I want more of these. I can never get enough.
Only a person that has understanding can truly comprehend what Dr. Kent Hovind is teaching. In other words you need to have the Holy Spirit of God to understand His word that He left us. God is using Dr. Kent Hovind to unravel the lies that the devil has created to confuse the humanity. (Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the Lord, and depart from evil: Proverbs 3:7 KJV) the bible is telling us that we must not be wise on our own understanding and must depart from false teachings. Here's another one (Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Isaiah 5:21 KJV) this means that God will punish those who are false teachers and perverting what is established by God from the very beginning of the creation(unless they repent and accept Jesus Christ as their one and only savior). Dr. Kent Hovind is spreading this wonderful message doing the Will of God. God bless him and his family and his ministry.
Evolution is a religion whose followers fear truth, science is being repressed by evolutionists their fierce hatred of even the idea of questioning their THEORY shows their fear and ignorance. No evolutionist knows what happened in the beginning, even their evolution had to start and they have no clue how, keep it up hovind


To all you bs haters, screw you, you all have been so stuffed with false information you can't help to all of a sudden know the truth he came as a believer is God and those who follow will have all the right answeres, how ignorant can YOU be to not use common sense and realize God said at 7 scores ( 7000 ) years he will come and destroy earth so how can the world be 700 millionnnnnnn year??? Hahahahaha FOOLS let the truth blind you it's your eternity.
He informs you about creation and evolution like no one else. Thank you for your ministry.
Heaven is your home
Sometimes it's difficult to spot a Poe. A hurmourist. A satirist really. Hovind is absolutely hilarious. His 'scientific' explanations are wonderful spoofs of nearly every wrong thought out there, at times it's truly difficult to believe that any actually thinks like his character. This great actor lives up to his trade, however, sacrificing his own freedom for the wellness of his guise as a secret satirist. In the words of this great man, "What we need to see is a dog giving birth to a pinecone." Ridiculous Kent Hovind, I salute thee in your unusual efforts to life theatre.
He's so amazing
Dr. Hovind is the only teacher who stated his case of God and true science, that I have listened to, with any real answers. He doesn't pull any punches, speaks plainly and makes logical and reasonable conclusions based on ALL facts. Not just the ones that fit a theory. He is the plain-speaking teacher that the education system despises. There are many professors that are cowards and many that are lecturing their preferences of truth instead of all truth. The science community has much to be embarrassed about. They have proven themselves incapable of telling the WHOLE truth and can be bought.
Hovind is a viciously lying man with his head buried in the great sand dunes of ignorance. He boasts a PhD from an UNACCREDITED DIPLOMA MILL (hint hint - his college is a trailer in Colorado: Patriot Bible University in Del Norte, Colorado). I, for one, would personally refuse to be lectured to by a man with a fake PhD. ALL of his proofs for a young earth have been repeatedly and viciously debunked, time and time again, by the scientific community. How anyone could possibly take them as fact is beyond me. One might look at his complete and utter lack of knowledge on even basic nucleotide functions as demonstrable evidence for his lack of authority on scientific matters. I don't care how adament you are about your faith. There is NOTHING that this man can offer the scientific realm, AT ALL. He understands NOTHING of evolution, abiogenesis, or the Big Bang beyond what he has been indroctinated in from other Creationist propoganda. He refuses the scientifically documented evidences for evolution without even considering them, and laughs in the face of reason and logic. TL;DR - Hovind is the embodiment of disinformation, and no amount of fans or listeners will ever change the fact that he has no authority to debunk scientific fact.
This guy is awesome. He makes evolution look so ridiculously dumb. And it really is dumb. I listen to him at work on my iPod. It really strengthens my faith in the bible. I think everyone should have this knowledge at our fingertips so we can be prepared to defend our god!!
This guy gets it All so Good I wish we had more ppl like him Thank u Kent Jesus Is Lord! 


Funny how, people who do not believe in what Kent is teaching come here just to say he is wrong. Sure he is in prison right now, but my Jesus spent time helping out the lost, thieves, and liars, for he did not come into the world to save the healthy but rather to help the sick. Paul spent plenty of time in prision in fact we believe he died in prision, so lets get real, Kent is in prision because some people didnt like what he was teaching, and wanted his silenced. Better to put him away so he can not be heard! Sounds like what happened to John when he went to Patmos! Kent makes more then enough very strong points that need to be worked through before anyone can claim evolution is fact. If you look up you will still see the sky is blue my friend, and then you have proof of it. Problem is Modern Science is teaching us the sky is green and I tell you once you look up your going to see it was blue or in fact light is colorless, but that a diff subject. God bless.
Just awesome!! Wish could have more up to date podcast. Excellent work!!


Dr. Hovind is a great man that my cousin told me about. Its hard to believe that with all this scientific evidence that it is remotely possible to still teach evolution. I pray for him and hope that others will find him. Hopefully people will strengthen their relationship with christ through him or build a new one.
Exuse me but Dr. Kent Hovind is a very intelligent man. He is very helpful to me and my family. I love him and he helps us in Science. I think he is a great man and deserves SOME respect!
Kent Hovind is the reason why i found my way to christ. I pray for him and his family as he goes through this tough time. Listen to these podcasts and see that God is not make belive but HE's real and science proves it.
If only there was a way to give less that one. :( Kent Hovind is sadly in prison right now for not paying taxes. Kent Hovind, teaches incorrect information that is easily refuted by anyone willing to take some time and do even a little bit a research. Kent's "doctor" title was recieved at a questionable educational instutution (Patriot University) in the subject of christian education. Most of his speaking engagements (before he was sent to prison) were in the subject of creation 'science.' I would really think twice about taking anything Kent Hovind says as truth. If he says the sky is blue, do yourself a favor, look up to make sure.
Dr. Hovind is one of the great leaders of our time in our Lord's church. To be frank, I am biased. I am a Creationist/Christian. Nevertheless, I use to be an Atheist, so I think I have come a far way, and it is because of Kent. I owe him my life.