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Great teaching
Please invest in a lapel mic.
I’ve been listening to Dr. Fernandes for quite some time and found him to be very consistent, biblical and down to earth! He’s able to take complex ideas and break them down so that the lay person can understand it. Thank you Dr. Fernandes for all your work! Your contribution to the kingdom exceeds well beyond what you see!
Thanks Dr. Fernandes! You have been a huge inspiration in my faith. As a new believer, your preaching cut straight to my core and has answered a lot of the questions I have struggled with. It has inspired me to dig deeper and truly get to know why I have faith. Please keep up the excellent work sir!
Dr. Fernandes is an amazing teacher of apologetics, doctrine, Christian philosophy, refuting various world views, as well as many many other things covered in this podcast. It is definitely worth downloading. The only downfall to these podcasts is recording quality. He has a jersey accent (which for a California boy like myself can be hat to understand at times) which is coupled with poor recording quality makes it so that you may have to rewind an listen again periodically. But the gold that is held within these podcasts outweigh any concerns about sound.
I love learning from Mr Fernandez. Thank you so much!!!
I've listened to a variety of Dr. Fernandes' teachings over the years, and I've found him to be an excellent teacher of sound doctrine. As an individual, he is also easy to listen to and does a good job at keeping my attention. But.... The podcasts I've downloaded thus far have not been so easy to listen to. The audio quality is bad - a combination of low bitrate encoding and background noise / distant microphones. Hopefully IBD will invest in a better microphone and use higher quality MP3s for future podcasts.