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When calling Chick-fil-A to respond to their decision to drop the Gospel Ministries , you will only get an answering machine. Please write an old fashion letter to express your concern. Address is. Chick-fil-A CARES, c/o Dan Cathy, P.O. Box 725489, Atlanta, GA. 31139-9923
Everybody should listen to this! I could say a lot more but that sums it up!
Discussing relevant issues, this podcast daily answers the question, “What does the Bible say about that?” I’ve been listening for three years and wouldn’t miss a day!! Love it!


By Vade11
If your mad at what you are hearing, you are more than likely being convicted. If the biblical truth he is speaking turns you off, You should get on your face and ask God to reveal how far we as Christians have turned from God’s commands.
I mean it's not supposed to be. This podcast is insane and hilarious. Also just a touch terrifying that a human adult in a first world nation can hold such bronze age morality.
This podcast is terrible.
Full of hate speech and misinformation. He and his cohosts are arrogant in speaking for their opponents and never willing to invite them on their show to hear opposing points of view. As far as they are concerned, true Christianity is their version of Christianity. I see that this is a common practice with extreme evangelical Christians in America.
Great antidote for outright demonic influences of the new age... "Those who have ears to hear let the hear."
This show is very honest and says truth's others are afraid to say but believe. It is a bit over the top sometimes, but Kevin also offers some genuine solutions to the problems faced by Christians today and puts his money where is mouth is.
These goofballs are the VERY reason people flee the church. They still teach that people CHOOSE to be gay and that the "gay agenda" is to turn all of your children gay. What absolute moronic religious rubbish. i am personally praying that one of their much talked about kids will turn out to be gay and will upset their self-righteous apple cart.
Witness the awesome power of the First Amendment! The American Family Association and the Family Research Council could learn a thing or two from these guys. They provide a steady diet of "specific to general" logical fallacies, plenty of name-calling and denegration, 18th century misogyny plus they've managed to weaponize the King James Bible. They advocate for the establishment of far-right Fundamentalist madrasas and lead by example (and, of course, offer a wide range of literature for sale to further their cause). But they never violate the letter of the law, just the spirit. You owe it to yourself to give these guys a listen-- you won't beleive your ears!
Kevin's worldview is solidly founded on scripture, so he's a trustworthy, and reliable source for information! I highly recommend listening to his show!
I have heard Kevin Swanson speak many different times. He is one of my favorite preachers. Give his podcast a listen!
In our day and age when the majority of Christians think like humanists, it is so refreshing to listen to a Biblical worldview podcast. What Kevin Swanson says is offensive to most Christians because they have made their heart or their feelings their source of right and wrong and not the Bible. Priase God for Kevin Swanson and his boldness to stand on the scripture alone in our pagan society. If any of you think that what Swanson is saying is wrong then lay out a case from the Bible alone and prove it!
He is sarcastic, uniformed, and self-righteous. If these are things you like, then you should enjoy this podcast.
If we lived in a world where adding -istic onto as many words as possible was the most valid form of cultural critique, Swanson and company could be considered astute cultural critics. But we don't. And they are not. Listen to R.C. Sproul, Albert Mohler, Tim Keller, and nearly anyone else for a better Christian view of the world. This is legalism and its bonds are deadly.
If you're an atheist, he'll seem like an idiot. For the true Christian believer, he makes perfect sense.
so dumb its hilarious! some of the best unintentional comedy ever