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Only wish it was longer than 60-seconds.
Quick doses of light science. Nothing mind-blowing, but interesting nonetheless.
Great. Short & sweet. Worth adding to your queue.
This podcast provides interesting bites of information. I wish it were not two volume clicks louder than all other podcasts.
I love listening to all the 60-second podcasts -- but a week ago they stopped downloading from ITunes?? What has happened -- missing my podcasts!!!
I have been getting 8006 errors while trying to download any of the 60-whatever podcasts for the past couple weeks. Can this be fixed?
Why won't the new episodes play or download? When will this be fixed?
None of your 60 second podcasts will download on itunes even after reinstalling podcasts and itunes
I can't wait for a new week to come to get the next edition.
Even if you are trained in science, these are great tid bits to keep your mind fresh
This is one of the most enjoyable podcasts! But sanity check, is it just me, or does the intro and exit music cause everyone else a grating headache? As an avid listener, I have to sit at my computer and try to block out the music. Worth it for the content, but costing me a lot in Alieve...
Because the narrator has to make that 60 second dead line, the content is rocket fast and in many cases the content itself is skeletal. Your left saying to yourself, what.
Really interesting stuff.
I love this podcast, but as each new one comes out, it always seems just a bit longer (90 second psyche). Yay! More SCIENCE. You can NEVER have too much science!
I apologize for the cheesy title, but I really do love this podcast. Its informative, quick and a great way to keep my synapses snappin' Whenever I hear Christy Williams, I know i'm in for a treat. Keep up the great work! Your podcast is incredible
I used to love these podcasts, until they began starting every one of them (along with 60-Second Science and 60-Second Earth) with the same car commercial. After one week of that, I had to unsubscribe from all three. I know SciAm has to pay for this free service somehow, but running the same annoying commercial over and over is a really bad idea, guys! It's the main reason people like me switched from radio to podcasts in the first place! You are going to lose audience, I guarantee it.

By hduns
They get so much fun information and little tidbits into 60 seconds!! I will listen to a bunch of these on the way to work in the morning. Literally, you can listen to one in an elevator ride up to your office in the morning. Definitely fun little topics and good to bring up and start a debate with friends!
Interesting topics, and good for them for keeping it short & sweet. But it's too short for me. I often listen to them a couple times to catch everything they say, and it's often not quite enough. Five minutes would be better, so they can explain things just a tad bit more in depth.
Well-made. I love to play these on a busy day, and the quick one-minute podcasts require you to keep up the whole time while being able to quickly move on to others. I also love the material.
Too bad it's not on daily.
I really enjoy this podcast... It's compact running near 2 min., (though I wouldnt mind it to be twice that long), is produced well, the information is very interesting and I enjoy the fact I get something meaty out of it. Oh, and the attitude of the voice artist as well as the overall production is appealing, likeable and professional. Keep up the good work and if anything.... add episodes 'more' often, simply not enough of them. And... you could even double the length and I'd be as pleased as a pea in it's pod. Good job
All of SA publications have been tainted over the last few years by their drift away from truly scientific observations published regardless of which side of an issue those observations may help, or hinder. It's sad to see a once respectable organization tarnish itself by sinking to the level it's currently at.
I find it hard to listen to someone talk and talk and talk about a subject. This podcast is short and to the point, and is full of cool info!
Excellent info in a timely fashion.
Not sure what andhfhgfhg is on about but he's obviously gone off his meds. This podcast is a little gem and teaches me something new almost every day. Bravo to SciAm for its aggressive podcast strategy.
Great to finally have a podcast that fits with the Web: fast and informative. New research distilled to 60 seconds...impressive and useful. Thanks.
This is great for people who want to know more about psych. or want to just learn something smart. It helps you understand your brain more and how and why you act. It's really making me like psych. more!
other than some weird facts this podcast stinks
I love these 60-Second podcasts from Scientific American. They're always full of interesting information which is guaranteed to make you sound like the smartest person in the room when you casually throw it into a conversation with friends. This new Psych series sounds promising - the announcer has a great voice!