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I can't believe I just found this show! The only good part about being late to the party is having 200 episodes to catch up on! Keep up the good work, guys!
I recently listened to all 200+ episodes of this show, and I wouldn't have done that if it wasn't good. Whether Mike is yelling at A.J., or A.J. is making some weird analogy, or Mike and A.J. forge an uneasy truce for like 15 minutes before Mike finds something to yell at A.J. about again, the discussions are entertaining and occasionally delightful. Until Mike starts yelling…then they swing back over to entertaining. That guy really got worked up over Turtles in Time.
This is a solid podcast about games. You should listen to it. You should make people you know listen to it. The brothers Minotti are funny and they bring the heat…and by heat I mean more funny. Keep up the good work dudes!
The Exploding Barrel Podcast isn't artificially produced or concocted like so many other podcasts in the industry. It features two genuine hosts with two very different, similarly genuine opinions. These opinions often manifest themselves in the form of amusingly loud arguments, but they are also known to create low-key, stirring conversation about the medium we all so cherish.
The podcast is very informative and irreverent. The hosts have a great interplay and the guest often provide some nice flair. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.
Almost all video game podcast can learn from these guys. They actually have passion about games and they actually talk about them. They don't fill the show with pointless talk or any of the other filler crap that most podcast have. Every thing I think of they say and things I wish I could think of they say. I've listened to tons of podcast and this is on top with weekend confirmed. A must. Revision: I now want to apologize for comparing the exploding barrel podcast to anything, because believe me nothing compares. The episodes are timeless which means all old episodes are still as great as the recent episodes. Friend me on Facebook: Travis dederick
The biggest problem with most videogame podcasts is a lack of passion. It's rare that people on gaming podcasts will get excited to the point of absurdity, or furious to the point of hyperventalation. It's rare that they will staunchly disagree with each other. It's rare that they are laugh-out-loud funny. The Exploding Barrel is a podcast of this rare variety. Intelligent, insightful, and filled with humorous sibling rivalry, The Exploding Barrel podcast is worth a listen every week. The show covers typical news and game discussion, but its weekly gaming quizes, topical and roleplaying segments, occasional Squadron of Shame guests, and signature blood vessel-rupturing rants from co-host Michael Minotti give the show more personality than most "professional" podcasts could ever hope to have. Listening to this podcast provides a great range of opinion. One minute you'll be getting stoked along with the Minotti brothers as their raw excitement bleeds through your headset, and the next you'll want to scream at your iPod over how incredibly wrong they are. There is no better measure of success for a podcast of any kind. Fantastic.
You seem to think doing that makes your argument funnier, it does
You seem to think doing that makes your argument more valid, it doesn't.
The Brothers Minotti host a great show. I've actually started turning to A.J,'s rundown for my video game news. I don't listen to Joystiq's, 1UP's, or Kotaku's podcasts anymore: I feel that the quality has fallen off on the big-name podcasts. Mike and A.J. do it for the love of the craft. And that definitely shines through. They bring the same enthusiasm every week, and the podcast never seems perfunctory. The Exploding Barrel makes a great complement to the last great big-name podcast, The Giant Bombcast. Between the two, I'm constantly entertained and informed. Also, make sure to listen on The Great American Ajguy Quiz: Mike makes sure to keep it challenging every time. (On the real, the best part of the show is listening to the kind of squabbles and put-downs that only two brothers can share.)
Not sure why they love Disney so much but if you like games and a good laugh, try EBP. You can't help but like the brothers and they almost always have a great guest. Beige is my personal favorite.
Whenever the mainstream gaming media let me down, the Minottis' are always there to pick me back up. Fun for the whole family...well, maybe not the kids...or your Aunt Fanny.
AJ and Mike really represent a true game player. They present excellent viewpoints on things going on in the gaming industry and really provide an "everyman" approach to gaming podcasts. They're 2 guys who aren't directly injected into the bloodstream of corporate gaming, and really make you feel like you could be sitting in the room having a conversation about video games like an average Joe. I look forward to listening every week, as it doesn't feel like I'm listening to sponsored podcasting. They're off the cuff and say whatever comes to mind. Great job guys!
Great show. It reminds me of the arguments my brother and I have. Only with many more references to iPhone Ocarina playing.
I'm the first to write a review for these guys? Really? Wow. Suprised more people haven't yet. Love the show. These guys are laid back and fun to listen to. Basically, if you like conversation about video games from people that are actually -interesting- to listen to, try em out. Btw, Super Smash Bros. Brawl FTW. Just throwing that out there.