Reviews For Jet Kingdom - New York Jets Podcast since 2007

Analysis and predictions are awful but they remind me of the way season ticket holders were before the psl’s and awful new stadium killed our way of life. Keep up with the profanity and duck butter references.
These guys put together a solid review of the past weeks news and events related to all things jets. Funny banter, occasional vulgarity and friendly competition highlight the weekly shows. There are no cheesy sound effects in the show which is nice. Just info, stats, and Jets. More on the entertainment side of sports casts than pure news but that's the fun of it. Padcast.
The most obnoxious football fans I've ever heard bar none (these guys make Mike Francesa actually seem likable). Let's be clear -- I LOVE Jake and Justin and their show! They really know their football and their Jets. And their opinions are spewed all over the broadcast like a vomit on an East Village sidewalk (I can say that cause I live smack in the heart of the EV). The only trouble is sometimes they are so nasty to each other, that if either of them ever packing, I really do fear it could get ugly. These guys just don’t know when to stop. Seriously this is podcasting as it's meant to be.
I'm a new listener. Most Jets podcasts / NFL podcasts are super boring and rigid. This one is funny, and it feels more like you're just hanging out with two knowledgeable Jets fans, which is great.
These guys are very funny and know what they're talking about. If your a jets fan, give it a try
Used to really enjoy these guys, but you now have to weed through what seems like endless fantasy football talk. Please consider sticking to the Jets (it is called JETS Kingdom) and refocus on what brought us to you in the first place, the J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets!!!
Thanks for making this miserable season a little more enjoyable. I look forward to the podcasts each week. Full of knowledge and lots of fun. Keep up the great work!
I love listening to (and tweeting with) these two knuckleheads. I love football and the Jets but know little about the finer points of the game. This podcast really improves my viewing experience because they explain strategies and matchups. Thanks guys.
As a Jets fan stuck in Denver, it's nice to be able to catch a couple of guys talking Jets football once a week. Jake and Justin have been doing this for a while and they play off each other very well. The intro is pretty funny too. Keep up the good work guys!
Being a lifetime New Yorker (and Jet fan) currently in exile in North Carolina, listening to these guys has become something of a substitute for talking to my buddies about our beloved Jets. It's equally enjoyable whether they win or lose since they mirror my own joy or misery depending on what happens on Sunday. Keep up the good work, if you're a Jets fan you'll dig this. Thanks!
thier knowledge of the Jets and football in general is a joke (one didn't know an nfl game could end in a tie). they spend most of the time talking about their record from last weeks picks (who cares) and that his wife is a dolphin fan (who cares) no insight, no guests with insight. listen to dead air for 40 min a week and your knowledge of the jets will be no different
this podcast is really great its funny and informative its really awesome to listen too
Finally, a true Jets fan podcast, from fans, for fans! Up to date player information and insight. I'm 2000 miles from home, but the show makes me feel like I'm at the tailgate party. For those how want to advertise products, advertise on The Jet Kingdom Podcast. I support these true Jet fans and will do my best to support whatever they advertise. Keep up the great work and as always "Go Jets"!!!
An amazing combination of humor and sports info with just enough of a mild paranoia that comes with being a Jet fan. If you love the Jets this podcast will have you hooked within minutes of your first podcast. Great work.
Very unfortunate...Every time the Jets Win you guys come right out with a new podcast. When the Jets don't win there is usually no podcast or it is at the end of the week and the game is almost here. Looks pretty typical for the first two weeks of this new season. Loss= No podcast AND Win = rapid pocast by Monday....?????!!! I'm disappointed. A real Jet fan is used to the suffering. Have the podcasts whether we win or lose after each game. Otherwise, don't do them at all. I'd Rather be real than a front runner. Thanks Nicholas
Period .
You cannot find a better NY Jets podcast!!!!!!
very good to excellent podcast from 2 long time Jets fans.
Jets Fans, this is a must listen. These guys know their Jets football and I love the format.
I look forward to the weekly podcast almost as much as the game. It's nice to listen to guys as passionate about the Jets as me.
After searching for a New York Jets podcast I found this one and I love it. I love the fans perspective from Jake and Justin because it echoes exactly how I feel, win or lose. Plus its always funny, which helps if the Jets have lost a game, which sadly, happens often. Keep it up guys, and as always, go Jets!
I look forward to listening to them every week... They are smart and funny...
Been listening for two years now. Jake & Justin held tide me over with JETS talk inbetween the games. Great show, love every minute of it.
This is literally the best jets podcast I've found on itunes. I've looked at a lot of different ones and usually the hosts are just really annoying and stupid, but these guys are great and know their stuff.
Finally a decent podcast about the Jets. These guys are pretty funny and they know what they are talking about.
What can I say? It is pretty good. Subscribe and give it a try.