Reviews For Californication

Best show evaar! Just brilliant!


By ddswach
This is one of the best tv shows ever. I like it mostly because of the situations Hank gets himself in. Not to mention the great cast surrounding him. Karen and the Becca are wonderful. They don't usually leave you hanging either. They start an episode and finish it. Oh, and those who are fans from the start will understand when I say that my favorite episode included Charlie and the line "She's gonna blow". Hysterical.
This has to be the best show since, well maybe forever. It has just enough of every genre cleverly mixed together in each episode which makes it a desirable choice for viewing pleasure whatever your mood may be. It has very adult humor & content, so I do recommend that only thick skinned adults check it out. All in all, I enjoy it very much, it gives me a good 30 min. giggle session and leaves me with a smile every time.
The writing, the acting, the story lines....all SUPERB...not just entertaining but provoking. I find myself often laughing out loud ;) and clapping at the can't help but love Hank Moody ....the perfect name for the perfect hero. I'm in love and can't wait for more.
Was looking forward to some episodes. Very disapointed. This is a great show that men love as well as women.
I'd have to say that if you're looking for a humorous adult show that isn't an insult to your inteligence, I'd highly recommend adding this show to your Tivo Season Pass. And for all you non Californians, the term Californication was around LONG before the Chili Peppers used it as a title of a song. Can't wait til Season 2!
I've always known of Duchovny's genius for comedy, thank GOD he's finally found a vehicle to show it off. His dry wit and deapan delivery are comically superior to any actor delivering "funny" lines against a laugh track. The whole cast is exceptional, but next to Hank the best character has to be Marcy, played by Pamela Adlon; I predict we will be seeing much more of Ms. Adlon in the future. Intelligent writing, terrific acting, truly enjoyable television. I'm hooked.
Saw the last two episodes on Showtime for the first time. Absolutely loved it!! Was hoping to come to the ITunes store for the beginning and the rest of the season. Oh well... will take what I can get. Hopefully it will show up soon and am hopeful and looking forward to future seasons!
In the show, the character Hank is a man's man. He gets all the ladies and has a unique ways of letting them go. Realistically, he would fail a time or two, but he can't just for the fact that he is Hank. If this series continues onto another season, it will be on tv for a long time.
Why the HECK isn't it on iTunes?!