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I love 1/2 of them.
Can't wait to become a regular listener! Nice to meet you guys today!
Great show. Makes me either want to game or get married ;) Keep up the great work guys!
I'll admit that this podcast served as my gateway drug, podcast-wise, as it was my first foray into independent shows a few years back and from there I wound up finding several others and so on and so forth. I came back to it a few months ago and was pleased that even after over 250 episodes the duck is still driving the proverbial bus. By that I mean the hosts, Lefty and Mrs. Lefty, have strayed very little from the original formula of video game fans talking fannishly (word?) about video games, and still mostly not taking the subject matter (or themselves) too seriously. So yeah, if you like that sort of thing in your podcast, give it a listen.
You two kids are doing Fresno proud. Respect.
This is a fun and engaging podcast. Chris and Kelly are fun married people talking about gaming and marriage. As married gamers my husband and I love this podcast!!
Awesome show!
Love the married gamers app on my iPhone. Very informative.
It's nice to hear a couple who share video games as a hobby. In the past, this was a hobby that was a divisive force in relationships. This podcast is proof that it doesn't have to be. I like that. The hosts are down to earth and seem to really enjoy what they are doing, which is a nice change from a lot of more "professional" podcasts. They haven't played every game out there and aren't burned out and jaded. I also like the challenges they are doing with each other... first to 10,000 gamer score etc. If my wife (who is very competitive) would play video games, she would really enjoy that kind of one-on-one challenge as well. All in all, good stuff here for an older, less spaztastic gamer.
Two kids in love with each other and their vidoe games. Great podcast.
Entertaining and informative from a different married perspective, love!


You guys rock
First off, to those who were the cause of Lefty and Kelly's latest residential mishap, karma will get you back for sure. This is a great podcast where they talk about games & entertainment and have a great time doing it. Check it out for yourself!!!
I've been a long time listener, but the recent episodes (since June, 2010) have gotten too far off of gaming and the issues. Loved estrocast and testrocast, but the other shows with guests are too much about the personallities of the guests and not enough about games.
Way to go Kelly, I am in love with this particular episode! It speaks to me and I wanted to jump into the conversation really bad. No matter how much of a womanizer Lono is, you did great by having him on. Just perfect. i've heard of the other guys it's just that Lono is a bigger target. fan-testicle SHOW!!! topic is cutting edge. Personnally I believe that women character introduction into games is, even though it is a lower percentile of a demographic, this introduction is going a long way to break down poor demoralizing character genres.
In short "I like it I love it I want more of it."
This podcast keeps me company on my hour and half drive to work everyday to EA Sports. Thank you guys so much for helping me stay awake, haha! Great show, keep it up! I'm getting married at the end of May and my future husband and I are both gamers so this podcast has been such a great look into the lives of other married gamers!
I usually don't listen to gaming podcasts, but I keep finding myself checking for new episodes of TMG. I love Chris and Kelly, and they get such good guests!
I love the idea of having a womens perspective on gaming. As a woman gamer I haven't found many other women out there. I really want to get on with your play nights. How do I find the information for it? Anyway great content great entertainment.
You guys are great. Love the show great info and entertaining. I've learned a lot about what to pick up and what to ignore which is very helpful when you're gaming on a budget. Keep it up Knight3K
At first i was worried this was going to be just another boring podcast, but after hearing other podcasts saying how good it was I gave it a listen. The podcast is now a part of my weekly routine. I love listening to the two of you. I can tell how much you enjoy making the podcast and that makes a big difference to the listener. Keep up the good work.
I love all podcastkeep up the good workwell done podcasti give it a 
This was one of the worst podcast on video games I've listened to.Pretty much mindless banter for an hour that just didn't go anywhere.SO honestly if you loved to be bored,want a bad headache,and hear about stupid Facebook apps,this may be for you.Otherwise consider this a warning and stay away
In my opinion, a video game podcast should be about conveying not only information, but information from one's own perspective. Everyone who says that this is a "rehash" or whatever is completely and absolutely wrong. There is no possible way that a gaming podcast written from one's own opinion can be like anything else. Chris and Kelly, you guys do a great job each and every episode, and I really enjoy listening to your ideas about video games and life itself. In fact, I probably enjoy the discussions about moral topics more than the video game chat, to be honest. It's refreshing to hear something that makes you think, rather than just getting the information straight up without a catch to hold my interest. Keep up the good work, love you guys! :)
Just discovered this informative and fun little podcast in the last couple months. The Browns do a nice job of discussing and reviewing video games on an adult level. Being an "older" gamer, this is exactly what I am looking for in a podcast. Great way to pass the time on my commute.
great hosts.....chris.....kelly.....the community manager that bring good luck in all your video gaming experiences...michipoo...and stuff
I ove the show guys. Lefty (Chris) and Mrs. Lefty (Kelly) are great host. They play off each other very well. You guys are great and keep up the good work. Fir3truck.
It seems all the reviews that critisize this podcast for not having enough news are missing the point. This cast is always entertaining, the discussions are thoughtful, and the 'married gamers' perspective is refreshing. Very worthwhile.
I've just recently discovered this podcast and have thoroughly enjoyed what I've heard so far. I recommend it to any gaming enthusiast.
Get better every week
One of the best podcast out there! Love Lefty and Mrs. Lefty Brown. Quack!
I really enjoyed your show, very funny and yet still informational. Your show is a lot of fun to listen to.
A unique gaming podcast that you will really enjoy! Another welcome addition in the Platform Nation family
I enjoyed this podcast, Chris and Kelly are fun to listen to it's like hanging out with good friends talking about video games. For the more grown up gamers
They Rock


I started listening after the infamous Target Demographic Married Gamers team-up christmas episode when Lefty went off on his drunken tangents and have loved the Married Gamers ever since! Awesome show guys!
I have been a listener for about 35 podcasts now, and I have to say that The Married Gamers podcast is a diamond in the rough. It is fun, and listening to the hosts, they have a great banter and work off of each other very nicely. Of course, that could be because they are married! I would recommend this highly for anyone that has an interest in a total gaming focused podcast, that is very laid back and relaxed in nature. Keep up the good work guys.
Hey guys just wanted to say that your podcast is wonderful. I enjoy the connection between husband and wife. I have to say that your opening song is awesome. Keep up the good work guys .
This is a good PG rated gaming podcast. Good coverage for all platforms. They have solid knowledge and a nice delivery.
These two are great. I listen to a lot of gaming podcasts and really enjoy this one because it is informative but it also has good conversation about other stuff too. I like the fact that the people I listen to are accessible through the xbox community as well as many other ways.
Lefty and ms. lefty are very funny, wild, and entertaining. I dig the new idea of broadcasting video shows on Saturdays. Hey I wanna see some E3 footage in June!
Uhh.... I'm married, they are married. I like games, they like games. So i listen to them talk about them. The Married Gamers FTW!!!!!!
This podcast gives me hope that my wife will grow to enjoy gaming more.
These guys ROCK! :D 'nuff said.
Funny and informative podcast for grown-ups.
Very entertaining and informative.