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This is a great podcast for learning French grammar from a beginner level up to an advanced level, with tons of free content over the years, and an option to pay for even more content if you want it.
An excellent French learning podcast for beginners. Good sound quality, professional presentation with intros, a focus on conversational French. The piano music lead in is a little annoying but a it’s a minor gripe.
The heavy accent of the instructor leaks into the French, making it dodgy for learning good French pronunciation. Also, even as a very novice learner, I noticed mistakes (e.g., they say “orange” is a masculine noun, but it’s actually feminine).
This is the perfect supplement to my French course and is great for getting in French practice when short on time. It’s really cool to listen to and be able to understand native French speakers.
I took French many years ago in school, and decided to try and pick it up again. I started with season 2 of Coffee Break French. A lot of my high school French came back to me but I still needed this to get back up to speed. I then got the members versions of season 3 and 4. After working my way through season 3 and feeling pretty good about my progress, I started season 4. Whoa that seemed way to hard, so in addition to reviewing some of season 3, I signed up for the Masterclass which is a bridge between 3 and 4. I learned a lot and finally got back to season 4. I am now over halfway through season 4 and I understand and can laugh st the joking between Marc and Pierre. I am still a long way from anything approaching fluency but far from where I started a few years ago. I play Coffee Break French whenever I am in the car alone.
This podcast has a great instructional flow where it has you try to listen, guides you through parts you may have missed and then has you try again! The satisfaction that comes from hearing the same passage with new knowledge and understanding is a win you don’t often feel when learning a language. Thank you!
I can’t stress this enough, it’s a wonderful resource available to all of us for learning French, thank you to the creators who put your heart and soul (and time and creativity) into these. Life changers! Game changers!
Thank w! I cand found full episodes as well as many people here. Appreciate if you can put is on the pod again
Yea I’m trying to get other episodes and it keeps crashing. I need more beginner episodes.
This is an amazing podcast but I can’t get to most of the episodes. As others have noted, it podcast crashes anytime we go to view them.
Every other podcast works, even other Coffee Break podcasts, but when I try to see all of the french episodes my app crashes. Been like this for a few days.
App keeps crashing every time I try to see all the episodes. Please fix and help .
I love CBF! I’m a high school student learning French and Mark really helps me out. He does so well working us through the audio, helping with listening and speaking skills. Such a high quality podcast!
I've been listening to Coffee Break French from it's inception. It's an incredible learning resource and keeps things interesting and fresh. Mark is an absolute treasure and has a very soothing voice. Anna is lovely to learn with and Pierre Benoît is always charming and knowledgeable. Merci beaucoup à l'équipe de CBF!
I lived in Paris and in Montpellier, nearly 15 years ago now and have not had many opportunities to speak French over the last few years. This podcast is wonderful for refreshing my memory and learning new vocabulary as well. Marc is a delightful host and so easy to learn from. The free version of the pod is wonderful, but I am truly loving the members version and very happy I made the purchase.
This is such a great series! I’m really pouring myself into the French language and you guys are helping so much of the journey. Thank you! Also really appreciate the pace at which you explain things 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
I love this app. Looking forward to learning so many languages from this.
So helpful while I’m recuperating my French. Listening to all the people speak with differing accents, expressions, etc is great!
Very accessible and varied French lessons. I appreciate having culture and grammar folded together.
I’m using this to supplement Duolingo for French. I love the podcast and it is excellent reinforcement. Easy to listen to- thank you!
Helpful and bubbly
Excellent way to learn vocabulary and improve listening
The best podcast and learning material for French. Easily explained.
I’m just in season 1 but I’ve learned so much with this podcast. Marks makes it so easy! Thank you! Can’t wait to finish all seasons and speak fluent french.
I love this podcast. I have listened to all seasons while walking the dogs, and I plan to go back and listen to season 4 and the ones after all over again! I love that I can listen to French songs now and pick up what that are saying and news in slow French as well due to this show! Muito bom mesmo! Recomendo!
Me están ayudando mucho a mejorar mi pronunciación y a practicar inglés mientras aprendo francés 🇫🇷💗
Très intéressant, c’est le premier podcast que m’a vais écouter que il a tout les choses que nous les personnes que ne sommes du France
J’ai adoré vos contes! J’aimerais bien si il y avait des épisodes avec de terminologie un peu plus spécifique pour les différents boulots on doit faire: par exemple, j’aurais besoin d’un episode pour les hôtesses de l’air; pour les serveurs de restaurants ou cafés, ect. Merci bien, pour votre travaille! Lou-lou
This is a really well develop program to learn French 20 minutes at a time. Classes are very well structured, easy to follow and learn new material. You learn without struggle. The teacher is great and the classes are very practical aimed at learning the most important words and frases to speak French. Really well done!
Mark is fantastic. I took French in school when in my teens. If only those teachers had Mark’s language teaching skills, I might actually have learned to speak and understand French at a high level. Thank you, Mark!!!!
This podcast is a wonderful tool to use if wanting to learn French. The host, Mark, teaches Anna the language and you the listener learn along with her. The episodes are short and to the point so not to overwhelm with information. Definitely recommend for all beginners and even intermediates. Certainly pair this tool with other language learning apps to truly get a grasp of French.


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Mark is absolutely amazing! The language heard is so authentic. This podcast taught me French better than anything else I’ve tried. I’m a Spanish teacher and I tell my students to listen to the Spanish version for better comprehension. I think I’ll learn Chinese next! Please keep making more podcasts. They are wonderful!! Maybe Russian?
Ya aprendí español con el podcast de español y ahora estoy escuchándole para aprender francés, es la raja!!
I really enjoy listening to you.this podcast is the best for learning and improving our french.
I have started learning french by duolingo. It is awesome but not enough for listening and comprehension. Between all 10 french podcasts that i am trying them, it is the best one. A teacher, a student like me, nice relationship and nice method for learning by reviewing previous lessons time to time, sing a song and extra...
This really is an amazing podcast. i had the free version for season 1-2, and had the upgraded version for season 3-4. and let me tell you, it truly is the best language learning program. i have rosetta stone and pimsleur but i only got as much out of those because i did coffee break first. My only criticism is that sometimes they get so excited about the complicated grammar they forget to really translate the sentences for you but without this program i wouldn’t have understood enough about the language to learn and apply vocabulary or idiomatic expressions. Take my advice and just pay for the upgraded version, listen to all the seasons, then re-listen to them.
I’m addicted about your voice, which is really warm and beautiful. I’m your big fan ❤️
I really recommend this free podcast and I found after the first season, I needed to see the words we were conjugating. It also gave me about 10 minutes of bonus pratice with each. Loving it.
Mark is highly skilled in teaching a new language. I started learning Spanish and then French for over an year using coffee break podcasts and I loved the way lessons are structured. Highly recommend. Cheers Mark 😊 Looking to learn more languages from your podcasts.
Cannot recommend Coffee Break French enough. I’ve taken many French classes from middle school through college (including classes in France), and Mark and Pierre-Benoit have been the best teachers. I’ve struggled with so many grammar points that I now understand thanks to these two. Personally, I do appreciate that the podcast spends a lot of time on grammar. Vocab is easy to pickup on your own time, but French grammar can be really tricky! The stories could be a bit more interesting, but the quality of the teaching totally makes up for it. I tell all of my friends who are learning French to give it a listen. P.S. It would be cool if the podcast did an episode or two on the French spoken in other parts of the world. For instance, I know that québécois French isn’t uh traditional, but it is typically the French that we North Americans encounter the most!
The two hosts are so likable and friendly it makes me want to listen. They are very knowledgeable in French and I’d recommend this podcast to anyone trying to practice their French. They clearly put a lot of effort into every episode. Thank you!
Short and helpful. I listen on the way to/from work and I am really learning the stuff (as long as I keep repeating).
I’ve been searching quite some time to find a podcast or audiobook to supplement my daily French studies. I really appreciate the care and good humor that went into creating these podcasts — I look forward to listening each episode not just for the active French learning, but also for the personality of the hosts who make you feel very at home. Keep up the great work!
It is a great supplement to my college French course. I can read and write fairly easily, but I am trying to work on my auditory comprehension. Listening to this podcast is really helping!
My only small critique is that imho they could try using less English
I love the format and the funny banter. But I think that the host/s spend too much time on grammar. Conversational skills do not rely very much on perfect grammar, but rather on overall fluency and comprehension.
I find myself having to pause the podcast or race to answer the questions before she does. I find her completely unnecessary to the show and immensely enjoy the episodes where it’s just Mark and she’s not present. I’m listening to the podcast over again and counting down until season 2 is over and Anna is no longer a distraction. But otherwise, it’s been a great way to learn French. I’m supplementing it with Rocket French, tutors on italki, and regular grammar text books as well as following French news sites on Twitter and my French is improving.


Excellent. Will there be a Season 6?
This podcast is great!! They explain stuff well and clear and I learn a lot from this podcast. Definitely recommend!!