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The way the speak is so clinical and boring. This is about Disney... why are they so unhappy and negative?! The Belgium guy is the worst. So nasty. This podcast just made me sad.
Edit: I’ve been listening to the Pressing Issues episodes and a recommendation—edit out the 20 seconds of silence at the beginning of the episode. It’s really confusing and so easy to fix. I like the news format (although it is clear that is a YouTube recording with the references to visuals I obviously can’t see as a podcast listener). My issue is that I don’t understand what the schedule is for this podcast. Sometimes two or three episodes come out in a week. Sometimes there is nothing for two or three weeks. I feel like I hear a lot about how the guy who records the podcast has other things going on, but so do the hosts of other Disney podcasts who still manage to put out regular content. Good for news but not reliable. As an aside, it seems like this guy hates his job 75% of the time. Fair enough, lots of people do, but you’ve made a living talking about Disney, something so many people can only dream of doing. Maybe lighten up a little?
Terrible show. Don’t waste your time.
Love the briefings so can get caught up quickly on what is going on
I get all my Disney updates without having to go to YouTube. The host gives off the charm and helps me to stay engaged
It’s short and sweet. It’s fills you in on the latest news and from people who are actively in the different parks. There is no other podcast like it.
There is good information here but the host is so cynical and negative that he comes across as anti-Disney
This podcast is a complete waste of time.


By jeffcwa
So you don’t have time on the podcast to talk about the experience on Skyliner, but you can spend time telling us about the merchandise associated with it. Frankly I would’ve preferred hearing about what the ride was like versus what the merchandise was like.
Great show if you love listening to pompous windbags who run a clickbait site.
Show used to be quite enjoyable but as Tom’s ego had continued to inflate, his show has become more unlistenable to the point I no longer subscribe. It’s a shame because he’s clearly passionate and knowledgeable but has turned in to everything that is bad about Disney Parks fandom. Take yourself a bit less seriously Tom, it’s a theme park, not a cure for cancer.
I like the focused episodes on the latest Disney news. They are on point and have great information.
You can’t even hear the gentleman that went to the parks Panel. This episode is pretty much unlistenable. Can’t believe they chose to put this one out.
Listening to old podcasts. Doesn’t like Illuminations? Stopped following podcast.
I love the new format that just gives the news. I find the round table discussions on many podcasts a little tiresome. Thanks for cutting to the chase Tom!
Definitely five stars.
Great show that keeps me up to date on all things Disney! Keep up the great work! ;)
I wish there had been an announcement, or even an easy-to-find article on the WDWNT website, explaining the apparently permanent format change from a lengthy podcast with multiple segments and featuring discussions by multiple staff members to an every-other-day brief news segment hosted solely by Tom Corless. While Tom's news summaries are good in and of themselves, they really don't contain any information I don't already get in any of the numerous other more extensive Disney podcasts which I follow. I greatly enjoyed the full-fledged WDWNT shows over the years - the games, the Back To The Futures, the countdowns - but apparently the staff to support such shows has moved on to other things. I really wish, like I said, that an announcement had been made regarding the format change. IS it permanent? Will we ever have any of the full-length shows with all the staff again? If I knew that we would, I would stay subscribed, but as it is, I'm unsubscribing. I may check in from time to time to see if any "regular" full length shows have been posted, but I really have no need for these brief news segments.


Tom and his co-hosts have been a favorite of mine for ages! I look forward to “Back in Time” segments because I was at the park a few months after it opened and remember a lot of dirt being around for new attractions being built. I like hearing about that timeframe. Keep up the great work.
Wish they updated more.
Wow, this podcast is the most cynical of the bunch. I’m sure they’ll say they’re realists but that’s just an excuse to say as many negative things as possible. And there’s no doubt which analyst is in charge, because he interrupts the other analysts and laughs at his own jokes. I would like to hear what they have to say.
There are a lot of Disney centric podcasts out there and thankfully, there is something out there for everyone’s tastes. WDWNT covers news, history, and hosts some very interesting discussions. It is not a show that looks a Disney not through the eyes of a child, but rather through a parent exasperated by their child’s wasted potential and still can’t help but love that kid anyway because there’s still something unique and special about him. Something I have come to appreciate more as I get older. And that is just fine. The Disney podcast universe needs voices like this one that make a listener pause and think more critically about their fandom. I need that bit of salt to balance the sweet and WDWNT fills that niche nicely. But why three stars? Well, the same “it takes all sorts” mentality the keeps me listening to WDWNT is also what has me consider the unsubscribe button every now and then. The joking and the sarcasm can occasionally delve into mean-spiritedness, which is still within my acceptable boundaries when talking about places and things...but I have to draw the line when those “no holds barred” crosshairs fall on other podcasts (that I ALSO listen to) whether they are too saccharine or too speculative or whatever. I’ve never heard a podcast as large as this one sink so low sometimes to name drop specific shows (yes, plural) and put a negative light on them. Don’t get me wrong. It’s NOT often. I can’t even say it’s common. The majority of the episodes don’t have it and are very entertaining. But every now and then it rears its head for a minute and it’s so ugly and so indicative of the low opinion this host has for his fellow podcasters, I can’t even give this show 4 stars no matter how much I wish I could.
The new cast is horrible. Pretentious and I’m not even sure they get or understand Disney at all. Tom and Jason are still great but the new cast thoughts and opinions are uninformed and dull. I’ve been listening since early on and was excited to see the podcast return to a regular schedule but if this is the new product I’m not so sure.
The show is back and better than ever and puts out weekly content again. One of my favorite shows. Definitely worth a listen for Disney Parks news.
I wouldn't even know about this podcast if they haven't tried to spam-follow me on twitter. Then I found out they plagiarized Go Ask Mickey Podcast on their own Facebook page. When I pointed it out, they blocked me.
I tried to listen but they are legitimately unprofessional and horrible.
Episodes are way too long and self indulgent.
I'm not sure why the into to the show needs to last 10-20 minutes. Kinda boring and I turned it off.
I listened to six or so episodes and found myself wondering why there are other people on this podcast when Tom talks 95% of the time and often dismisses the opinions of the other hosts. In the latest episode I listened to he talks over the female cohost for abt 10 seconds while she tries to get a word in. If I need to get my self-important man fix, I'll watch the news, or go to work, or live in the world. *le sigh*
**Revision of a review from 5/2015** Once upon a time, this podcast was truly great, with quality insight into the Disney world, fairly diverse opinions and takes on news, along with a handful of other quality segments. Sadly, while still fairly enjoyable, the show has devolved into far less than it used to be. What was once a powerhouse of a podcast, where hours would be spent delving into everything WDW and DL, now has turned into fanboy audio clips that seem more appropriate on Tumblr, followed by Tom Corless' latest gimmick segment (the semi-cleverly named Back to the Future, endless "Some Number" Best Things At "Insert Park Here"). Presumably, the meat-and-bones of the podcast have been stripped to justify WDWNT's presence on THREE different Orlando-area radio stations (including now on FM!!!???!!!), as well as reward the groupies who now pay (through Patreon) for previously free content. Frankly, I could go on and on about the revenue streams of WDWNT and the SOLE PAID FULL TIME EMPLOYEE TOM CORLESS, but I'll return to topic and make just one final point about the podcast. As of this writing, Episode 363 was posted on February 10, and included a nearly 10-minute long diatribe from Tom about his failed previous attempts to "get back on track" with the podcast, and how he now had a committed editor for the podcasts, and he committed to putting out "2-3 podcasts per month". Episode 364 was released on March 6. I haven't listened to it yet, but I expect another 10 minute monologue about how hard it is to release a podcast. Bottom line: This is a perfectly fine podcast if you need to get your Disney fix. The panelists offer fair and varied opinions. But its content is far diminished from how extensive it used to be. In addition, despite the host's continual explanations/pleas/"commitments", don't ever expect more than one show a month. It's the only way you won't be disappointed.
At its peak, this show was the top Walt Disney World podcast. Even better than WDW Radio. It was smart, informative, snarky, and all around entertaining. We got to know the host and all of his co-hosts quite well, and every new show was like getting together with old friends. Then Tom moved to Orlando, and things started to go a little sideways. It seemed like every show included a personal plea to "bear with him" while he "sorted things out". The most recent episodes include new voices that are terribly uninteresting, along with the fact that there are simply too many of them per segment. But, the final straw was the October 1st show where Tom announced that he had become the first paid employee of WDWNT. Hey, that's great. He built it, why not make money at it? Just one problem. He's now turned into somewhat of a con man. During his seemingly monthly "I'm working on it" speech he mentioned that now WDWNT would be taking donations via Paytheon. One of the perks for those who donate would be to have access to all the podcasts that used to be free for anyone to download. While that itself wouldn't be such a bad thing, Tom tried to blame iTunes because "they don't keep every podcast episode". Problem is, that is a complete lie. So Tom essentially removed every episode from 230 on back, and attempted to blame iTunes. Guess what? I can still access every WDW Radio Show from episode one up to the current show. I wonder how that happens? Also, Tom made the erroneous claim that the podcast was going back to a weekly schedule. That was October 1st, and there has been one show since then. He must have been referring to a Biblical week. Just stop, brother. And don't ask for money if you're going to lie to your audience. I wish I had kept the iconic episode 130 downloaded, but at least I heard it, and this show when it was great. Best of luck to you in the future, but you've definitely lost this fan.
Im a fan! I love the sarcasm, love the reviews and honesty. Ive been to Disney plently of times and this just keeps me up to date with most of the Disney magic!
By far in the top 3 Disney Podcasts available. Listener from 1st show after hearing Doug on BOGP. Doug & Dennis with John & Bob on occasion tell it like it is, no fluff or candy coating here. The conversation makes my 1 hr each way commute more bearable each week. If your looking for Disney facts and reality this is your show, Keep up the GREAT work. Donald Duck Dad (Al) from Cut-N-Shoot, TX
Keep up the great work.
The segments, particularly on the history of WDW and the particular rides are great and keep me subscribed. The year long countdowns are great although somewhat predictable. These positives earn this podcast a second star. But, outside of the segments, you really can't trust anything out of the host's mouth. Here are a few points: This is maybe the 10th time I've heard the host say that they are back to a weekly schedule. Count on this podcast maybe once monthly. It needs to stop trying to be weekly and stop saying it. Just commit to a realistic schedule. Either follow through with what you broadcast or please just stop trying. The episode numbers are very deceiving. The number of "double episodes" serve just to over inflate the episode number to make them seem more relevant. Rumors are often presented as fact. There are too many occasions of this podcast reporting on a news story that is mere rumor or just an early potential plan with no real backing, or pure opinion. Most other podcasts I hear these stories on report them as rumor or as a potential plan, these guys report it as hard, signature on the contract, fact. Reporting rumors, plans, or opinions are great, but they need to be expressed as such. The supporting cast is great, but the host Tom has a somewhat abrasive, cutting tone and uses the phrase "anywho" far too much. Dude, it's not a real word, keep it to a minimum. It's more annoying than Jim Hill's excessive "Youknow". His opinions are often very off-putting in a nonchalant way that are quite over the top or unnecessarily negative, but not in a good way. Criticism is fine but his opinions go too far and are unsubstantiated. I tend to blow through the "news" (it's borderline criminal having this word in the title) at 2x speed and listen to the segments. I'd suggest you do the same.
Happy to find a group that know what they're talking about. Experience discussion about good topics - I can respect the opinions when I don't agree and appreciate the insight always. Easy to listen to & good Disney information.
Still 5 stars. Make the show 1 hour and keep consistent. We don't need an overkill 3 hour show.


By Smj923
Tom and the rest of the wdwnt staff bring Disney to Ohio with their podcasts. They are funny and knowledgeable!
I tried to give this pod a chance but I just couldn't. The news and rumor report is nothing but a bunch of people snickering and laughing at jokes that aren't funny. The news and rumor report is so drawn out it gets boring. The women on the panel act and talk like they are snobs. And Tom, you did a "review" of the Food and Wine festival a few months back.....and a bit of advice, if you're going to eat while you're on the air...mute the microphone. Hearing you smack your food while you're chewing is disgusting. There are better Disney podcasts out there and I have no idea who would listen to this podcast in the first place.
Funny. Informative. Satirical. Professional. Everything I wanted from a Disney Parks podcast. I look forward to each and every episode.
This is beyond boring. Who the hell has time to listen to some guy name Tom corless talk non stop about useless news.
I LOVE this podcast. This is not a trip planning show like WDW Today, or WDW Radio. It is a show for the Disney fans who know all the ins and outs and want some Disney parks entertainment with plenty of humor. The personalities are strong but that makes it more entertaining. At the same time they will keep you up to date on new stuff and discuss a lot of details and history. If you want critical analysis, history segments, and honest opinions this is a great show. If you want unicorns, rainbows, and mind numbing positivity Mongello is still around.
My favorite podcast is back! I have loved the latest episodes and now look forward to new ones! Way to make a comeback wdwnt! I'm hooked all over again
Of all the Disney podcasts I've listened to, this one is the best. The people that do the show always have great insight and opinions and really know their stuff. If you want a well-rounded and high quality podcast full of news, fun and knowledgeable people, and great segments (including "Back to the Future") this is the podcast to subscribe to.
Some of this show is entertaining, but just can't take Scarlett. Her voice or her grammer are atrocious. I cringe everytime she says "like", and it's a lot! She is very opinionated but doesn't take into account what other people like. She has a tendency to trash thisngs that other people obviously enjoy. Yes, share your opinion - quietly and without insulting more that half your listeners. I always try to listen, but never make it through a whole show.
Ok, so I probably didn't listen to the best one first. I listened to the "Villians Unleashed" episode first. I didn't mind the complaining, it all was probably needed. I'm giving it a 3 cause the girl was super yelly and a smidge obnoxious. I love that the episodes are so long, and they have audio from the parks.
I was turned on to this network around 2 years ago, back when the major renovations to DCA were nearly completed. I was looking for a podcast covered the Disney Parks in a round-table format with news, great segments and a whole lot of fun, and I found it here. This podcast is very informative, and I have learned so many tricks and tips for the parks here, in addition to an insane amount of history. My hats off to Tom Corless and the gang, they make a great show!!
Do these guys even like Disney? Their tone is snarky, cynical and sometimes disparaging. I tried listening to a couple episodes and just couldn't do it anymore. The tone of the hosts is a stark contrast against the whimsical carousel music in the background. There's also a slow, drone like pace and a lot of dead air. It's just sad and awful and doesn't hold up to the standards that Disney has. Try another podcast and save yourself some time.