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Who puts this on here their is nothing in the podcast at all just quiet
Episodes 748 & 749 (almost 6.5 hours combined). Except for the pre-recorded "Talk Shoe" intro is all dead air with a smattering of unintelligible sounds mixed in. I've not checked the other episodes, I just deleted the mess and am moving on.
I listen to alot of car type podcasts and this one is by far the worse. One of his sponsors, (an extended warranty company) was all he could talk about for over 2 minutes, then he even started plugging tapes he's selling on how to buy cars. The show is called car concerns but he always is talking political stuff, DO NOT SUBSCRIBE.

By EJ6
The good is the number of shows produced for the podcast. The problem is you don't know if this show is about cars or politics half the time. There needs to be more discussion about automobiles and less on politcal issues.
Very informative...Just a regular joe country bumpkin that's is helping the automotive consumer...I do not agree with all his points but do respect Harry's opinions...A must hear podcast for the automotive worker...keep up the good shows...