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I listen primarily for the segments with Rich, the Monster Movie Kid. However, I could easily expand to enjoy the entire show.
Des and co, really put on a great show. Really enjoy the format (very professional magazine format) and the smart, literate reviews. Excellent.
Does this qualify me for the contest? Look I even gave you five stars as an enticement.
I love this podcast. Not only is it superb in quality; it is also faithfully consistent. Every Monday I can wake up joyfully knowing a new episode of Dread Media will be awaiting me. The show has taught me so much about horror and honestly of I could only listen to one podcast I'd pick this one in a heartbeat. If you aren't listening you're wasting your time! Listen to Dread Media. You won't regret it.
That's right, if you're into horror, you'd better be listening to Dread Media! Desmond and guests talk movies, music, books, comics, and more...the question isn't why should you listen. It's why SHOULDN'T you? LISTEN. NOW!
I have been listening to Dread Media for years, and feel it is high time that I add myself to the chorus of approval for this excellent podcast. Host Desmond Reddick, with the assist of friends and guests, doesn't just review horror movies, he also reviews horror comics, horror novels and anthologies, interviews actors, directors, writers, and artists, and offers up plenty of music. There have been a great many horror podcasts that I have given up on, because they fall short of the standard of excellence that has been set by Dread Media. This is essential listening for any self respecting horror fan.
Honestly, it feels like listening in to me and my friends talk about movies. Desmond and crew do a great job, and I always feel like I'm hanging out with my friends. What better compliment is there?
Desmond does a great job with Dread Media. You can count on good thought out reviews of new and old movies alike. Dreadmedia covers film and also comics, music and books. It is well worth a listen to.
Dread Media is just terrifying terrific. I'm constantly in awe that Des can put out a new episode every week and be consistently entertaining. He is what all podcasters should aspire to. Definitely worth listening to.
I love horror...books, music, tv, movies, comics...all of it. I will watch the good, the bad, and the ugly...and these guys will cover it! And not just the mainstream stuff too....they have covered some truly obscure ones. Even if you are not a huge horror fiend, you still need to listen to this. I promise you will not be disappointed. And if you are on Facebook join the group...it's a funtime!
I am not a fan of horror. Yet believe me when I tell you that it really doesn't matter. I have always been entertained by Desmond's podcast without having a passion for the genre. Also, I love the musical transitions as I feel it give the podcast something that sets itself apart.
Dread Media is a great addition to any horror fan's queue. The host Des is so knowledgeable about the genre that I sometimes picture him like the guy in Scanners - and not Michael Ironside - the meat flopping about his shoulders guy. I mean that in a good way. How much darkness can one skull hold? Subscribe... and find out.
I have to say if your looking for an excellent Horror/Genre podcast you have stumbled upon of the best there is. If a friend recommended you, thank them, you are here. Desmond does something seriously right in this podcast, from movies to comics to books, he covers it all. In the time that I have been listening which admittedly has only been a few weeks, I must say I have found several authors, comics, and movies that I want to check out, have checked out, and enjoyed. The Dying in the Gutters segment that he started a few weeks ago is brilliant. I love comics, I love horror, but when it comes to horror comics I have no clue where to turn for advice, now I have a good starting point. Seriously check this out, you won't be disappointed.
I couldn't delete my first review (1 star), so I'm giving 5 stars this time because it's all about the content, not about whether or not we like the same bands! Thanks to Des and Mike and Sam from the Cadaver Lab podcast for setting me straight. We all make mistakes!
If you are a true horror fan and you had to choose just one podcast to listen to, this one would be it. Your host Desmond takes you through all facets of the genre - movies, literature, comics, games, music - he explores it all - and in a very intelligent, insightful, and entertaining way. And he doesn't just cover the mainstream. He touches on the obscure as well. He will help you to discover all kinds of gruesome goodies you previously knew nothing about! Try it, you'll love it.
Des is one of the most knowledgable people that I have ever heard in regards to horror movies, comics, and books. He puts on a great show and one that always prompts me to pull out the pen and paper to take some notes. Listen to this podcast and you'll soon be able to chat about horror with the best of 'em.
I mean that in a good way. Des is a great guy who really likes horror and good media. Listen to him for intelligent talk about more than movies. He also gets great interviews with awesome horror authors like Lansdale and Ketchum. I'm jealous.
... but Dread Media keeps me paying attention anyway. I always learn something, and Desmond is one of the best interviewers in podcasting today. If any genre fans are missing out on this, there's clearly something wrong with them.
I love Desmond's all-encompassing approach to horror. Movies, fiction, comics and music--Desmond covers it all. Recommended.
This isn't the flashiest podcast out there, but it is always informative and very interesting.
There are many horror podcasts, and it takes something special for one to stand above the others. Dread Media has that something special by the bloody bucket full! This is a solid podcast, consistently entertaining, informative and addictive!
Desmond is an above average reviewer of the horror genre, and for this I tune into this podcast regularly. His ability to remain on topic without the A-typical idiocy of some of the other horror podcasts ala "Fast Times at Ridgemont Splattercast" is what I find refreshing. What I do not like however, is the inclusion of what often times I find to be completely dreadful music selections. But in Desmond's defense, he does not intend to present strictly reviews of films, as he calls his podcast DREAD MEDIA; key word... MEDIA.
What I appreciate most about Dread Media is that it doesn't have a set format. Sometimes host Desmond Reddick will review movies, comic books or novels, and sometimes he'll interview filmmakers and novelists. Sometimes he flies solo, other times his wife or a friend will join him for hosting duties. Will he play metal, punk or a haunting orchestral score during the show? You simply don't know, and that's what makes Dread Media both charming and long-lasting. If you haven't yet subscribed to Dread Media, I highly recommend you do. Desmond is educated in all things horror, yet he never comes across like a know-it-all. Even when negative, his reviews are fair. Each interview is a professional, thought-out experience. But best of all, the show is fun!
I was enjoying the very first podcast, but then he lost me when he started insulting some of my favorite bands. 4 stars for the content, but subtract 3 for not liking Rush. If you want a great horror podcast without the lack of musical taste, listen to Night of the Living Podcast instead.
If you're a fan of horror, whether it's film, music, fiction, or comics, do not miss this podcast. Having just released the third episode, it's a great chance to experience a very good podcast become better and better.