An Unbroken Chain - Dr. Henry Oertelt

Reviews For An Unbroken Chain - Dr. Henry Oertelt

A very touching story. Stories like this need to be told, and preserved.
I just finished listening to the last part of this, and I must say it was excellent! My heart bleed for this poor man, and the blight of all the other victims of the Holocaust. More people should listen to this, and be educated. Thank you for sharing your story.
Your podcast will become a valuable link in many people's lives. Never again! Powerful and unforgettable, and remarkable to think that it is but one story of many that need to be heard.
This is one of the most remarkable podcasts that I have had the privilage to listen to. The trials and tribulations of Dr. Oertelt are eye opening and awe inspiring. His testimony should be taken into our hearts and pondered daily in our minds.