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Bad Boy Bill has the sickest and flawless mixes, phenomenal song selections and keeps the energy up the whole time! Been following forever and he can throw a party at clubs. Thanks for all the motivation throughout my mobile DJ career to try to be as good as you. Keep up the good work!! #mrjfunk
Please add your bangin the box series! I listen to your mixes while I work and it would be great to hear all of those ESP vol 1,2,3,4,5 lol ps when is house connection 4 and bangin the box 6 coming out?, stop playin!
Great mixes!
Bill has been making unreal advances in House Music and it's popularity particularly in the past 5 years. These people who want to live in their old RAVE days and want an "Oldschool Mix" are TRIPPIN HELLA HARD!!! They clearly do not love the music, they love a time in their life when they thought or they thought others thought they were cool... GROW UP AND MOVE ON!!!! Bill, Please continue to evolve and utilize your unparalled technique to create the master pieces you have been making especially since you made the Best of 2014 BTD. Each mix since has been it's own piece of musical art and no other DJ could make those beautiful sounds without some software of course, you are the real deal hence RESPECT THE TECHNIQUE. I have been a fan since the first Bangin the Box and I live in SF, even my friends who thought you were too "hard" now love your style and the direction you have been going!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!! OH AND POST BTD #41 on ITunes ALREADY JESUS CHRIST~!!! THE BAY LOVES US SOME BAD BOY BILL BTD RADIO SHOWS. REMEMBER RESPECT THE TECHNIQUE there is a reason we love B.B.Bill do not be fooled by fakers i.e. Paris Hilton.
When I was a teenager in the 90s it didn't get any better than bill. I used to wait and wait for the next banging the box series to come out (bangin 1 was a purple cassette tape lol). Now we get a new mix every month...We are spoiled to receive this a no cost. If you want true house music look no further bill is a hero!


The newest episode (35) won't play for some reason... Other than that, this is my fav podcast on here!
Chicago’s #1 DJ as far as I’m concerned. He has always kept up with the style of the time since Hot Mix Vol. 1. Of which I still have on cassette.
Check out BHTD #27! Been listening to Bad Boy Bill back in Chi-town decades ago. The man can spin. #27 blew me away bro!!!
The best to ever put on a pair of headphones , always knows what to play to keep the fans jumpin. And if there was a battle of DJ's contest in 2014 , you know who the winner would be hands down , BBB
I have been listening to this for 3 weeks straight, in the garage, the car and at work. Great job Bill!!
The Best Dj in the world!!!!
good to see your back,, awesome mixes. would love to get an old {wbmx type} mix,,good old times back then.
It just doesn't get any better than BBB! Been rockin' to his beats and grooves since the early 90's and there's just no one who is his equal. Carl Cox, DJ Dan, Daft Punk and a few others are/were close - but not equal. Keep laying it down, BBB, now more than ever - in this age of "pop/commercial" DJ's we need a real and legit old skool maestro!


bring it back from the old school!:)
I totally LOVE this man!!! Bad boy bill rocks!!! Love his music, Love him!!! He has it and will continue it!! God bless his hands!!! :)
There's only one Bad Boy Bill .He's uniqueness and creativity in mixing is like no other.Bad Boy Bill is to mixing like michael jordan is to basketball .I have studied he's style for about twenty years now and I am still impressed as to how he manages to make it sound so freaking awesome .As our old friend "Kool rock steady" would say ; Yo! bad boy bill , make it sound rough …
Bad Boy Bill just the way we like them, would love some of your scratching on them but that is just me I'm old school. Your are a legend!!!!


By Mr P193
Is taking it to another level but real house style from chicago
bbb rules, have followed since 93!
Hey Bad Boy, you need to keep your weight in check cause it looks like you've put on a few pounds over the years and we NEED you to keep putting out mixes like this!!! ; )
Great to see BBB on podcast I'll be keeping track of the next mix..
Always been one of my favorite DJs but this mix brings back some great memories! Class of 2000! Musik is non stop and can't help but turn it up ! Shout out to BadBoyBill and other DJ's around the globe for giving us these mixes to BLAST in our car, home, ipod, EVERYWHERE!
Seems like BBB went soft. Bring back the underground. People are waiting .


By MrVix
I've been listening to BBB since the first Bangin the Box mixtape came out. Being able to listen to these two podcasts is just great. Hope he keeps pushing more mixes out!!!!
Finally! Some new mixes by Bill! Sit back and listen to greatness on the decks.
Wow badboybill is house muzik one of the b96's best mix master ever


By Emokidz
im so glad for this! starting the new year off with a bang! thanks for hanging aroung in the music world. ive had sooooo many memories dancing raving and partying to BBB... PLUR my friends <3
Love BBB. Happy to be rockin' to his mixes once again. It was a loooooong drought since '97! Best DJ ever! Nobody does it like him. NOBODY
I LOVE me some Bad Boy Bill. House music all night long!!
Your marketing people may want to google the term "podcast." One DVD preview sitting there for months does not qualify as one. I had some good memories of you in the Chi, in NY and on B96. How about a little refresher for us?
He NEEDS to start uploading some of his mixes!!!
damn dude! where have you've been? please spread your love via podcast. i've been a long time fan and been out of chi-town for over a decade now and since than i haven't been in contact with your latest stuff. please represent and let's bring house music back!
i would love to hear a podcast with some old school mixes. you know, the house music from the 90s! thats when i first heard of bad boy bill and have been a fan since.
I am a BBB fan, don't get me wrong... but if your going to have a podcast, maybe broadcasting some content might be in order? I have been "subscribed" to this for 3 months and have never seen anything new. I expected more from my favorite house DJ.
Please start recording your live mixes. I was at NV in KC Jan. 25th and that was the best party I can remember in years!!! The music reminded me of the underground parties back in the late 90's. I would pay $100 for that mix....seriously. I bought the btd dvd awhile back and it's tracks and video are outstanding. Highly recommended!