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Harriet Gilbert is the best and this podcast is a class apart.
I really enjoy driving and listening to such a brilliant podcast and interviews, very well done! It make you to dive deeply in subjects with an existential and philosophical way.
I find this podcast delicious and comforting. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to hear from the authors what motivated them and about their writing process. I look forward to hearing each new episode when it appears in my stream each month.
This podcast has been fun to listen to, so interesting to get a bit of a global perspective on literature. I have enjoyed learning about the wide variety of authors and books selected for discussion, some of whom have been new to me while some are “old friends.” The questions and answers are great! Thanks for a wonderful podcast!
I love the show and have discovered so many fine books and writers. unfortunately every once in a while a fantastic author reveals themselves to be irredeemably boring or ungracious, and that’s always a shame, but luckily it is really seldom!
I love hearing about literature from so many different parts of the world. It keeps language and imagination alive. Thank you Harriet for the great job you do.
Harriet is a wonderful interviewer. I’ve found lots of good authors through this podcast.
Enjoy this podcast every week and am blessed to have so many old episodes I’ve yet to listened to! 😊❤️
Many of the books on the show will never be read by me, yet I enjoy listening to authors interacting with Harriet and people from around the world who submit their questions.
I love this podcast and I particularly love Harriet Gilbert and so appreciate her restating the questions so that I can hear what was asked. I love her insight and comments about the books...she has to be one of the best read people in the world! I also love her podcast Good Reads and trust her book recommendations...she has led me to so many great books! Thank you Harriet...
It’s condescending to re-phrase questions from women and people of color, but the hosts never fail to do this.
I've listened for years, and listen to each and every author whether I know them or not. In fact, it's a special pleasure when I'm not familiar with the book or author. If you love fiction, you'll love this with a passion.
Love the format and the book it selected.
Wish it could be more frequent tho.
This is a great show, the host Harriet Gilbert is smart, funny, incisive and all the while very professional. You don’t get some of the irritating inside chattiness that comes on other radio shows. I love the range — popular writers are given equal time with their more literary counterparts. The listeners posing questions come from all over the world, bringing a very broad perspective to the program.
Would love content more often and also if the episodes were longer, especially when authors are there, so they can talk more.
I used to listen to this on the radio. Glad to find it's on iTunes.
World Book Club is a treat I look forward to every month, even in cases where I haven't read the book or heard of the author. Intelligent, entertaining conversation.
6 ****** if I could
An excellent variety of authors, superb production quality, and a level of discussion that is always both intelligent and well-informed make the World Book Club podcast an absolute must for any and all who love books.
My students listen to the author interviews and then write short summaries for extra credit. This podcast gives them great background on the books that we read in class or that I have them read independently.
Great if you want to get inside a particular author's head. If you're an aspiring author, this is probably for you. Personally, I find it a bit dry. I you just want to find out what book to pick up at the airport bookstore, then I'd heartily recommend a different BBC books podcast: "Book Panel With Simon Mayo". It's much lighter, wittier and entertaining.
The authors are articulate and interesting but Harriett Gilbert's questions and responses are somehow cold and detached.
This podcast is one of my favorites. The BBC interviewer and the audience ask intelligent questions and it is entertaining and educational to listen to.