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I just recently stumbled upon this...I am in heaven. I can have sWooZie on my mutha suckin' iPod! I am so very happy. The twin brother Vlog and the This is it vlog are my new favorites! The classics are always the best I say. SO happy! Mad Love to you bruh!
Swoozie is nothing but the best luv his vids
I love swoozie he is an amazing guy and I love his vids. But the problem is I can download only a certain few of the podcasts . Fix and this we'll surely be a 5/5.


Epic. But can only download a few videos. Fix please
I love swoozie he needs to add some knew videos so I can watch it on my iPod!
I've been watchen your videos a lot lately like past three days and I think I'm finally caught up so I get on I tunes and I'm like ima check out this podcast stuff and you the first person i look up keep up the good work and next time I'm near a computer I'm subscribing to your you tube cannel
I love all of his vlogs but for some reason I can't download almost all of them! I want to watch them all but I can only download about three of them! Fix please!!
Swoozie is AWESOME!!!! I love his vlogs!!!!! :)
i <3 swoozie...nuff said
His videos are the best! He's my favorite youtuber. He can make any story interesting and hes soooo amazing! 5 stars swooz!e
Swoozie can make any story interesting!
Thanks a lot Yaakob!! I try to add only my favorites on here so that explains why some show up here but not all :)
swoozie is hilarious. defanintly needs to do more podcast.
Swoozie is my fav pro gamer and this guy is down to earth amzing stories and it makes you feel like you were there,if you have not seen all his vlogs you need to he is amazing.
Been watchn u since beginning wenevr u pop up in sub box I watch
Absolutely entertaining blogs. You are a complete inspiration to me bro, seriously. Congratulations and God bless.
This is not a coincidence. Gratz SwooZ
Once again swoozie... Flawless vlogs again! Would have killed to be at that grimy sf4 underground party!
I can't believe I have Swoozie's Vlogs on my iPhone. Put up da 5Guys one up plz.
Swoozie is the man! I have seen all of his video blogs and I personally watch his videos when I find myself in a life conundrum. Suscribe to the his videos. His videos are great and I didn't think it would be fair to keep this information to myself. SWOOZIE IS THE BOMB DOT COM!
This Man Is Crazy Funny!
sWooZie is very entertaining, articulate, and handsome-- that's a given. He's also not afraid to share his religious beliefs, which is even better. The world needs more men who are as courageous as he is.
This is amazing, swoozie's stories are amazing as well as his music, I couldn't believe this stuff was free :D ik, im not gonna leave my ipod anytime soon :) keep em coming swoozie
Dude you have to upload both Lego vlogs. They make me laugh every time : D
Thanks to Swoozie and his overly addictive video blogs, I have managed to conjure up my own vlogs as well. He inspires me to crank up the videos to another level.
or i will be angry!=]


By ~NiQuE~
SWOOZIE IS AMAZING!!! if you havent already, then you NEED to go on youtube and watch ALL of his VLoG's!!! then you HAVE TO download these VLoG's on your ipod!!! sWooZie will have you either cracking up, or have you thinking...YOU ROCK sWooZie!!!!
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