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A lich is a pretty common undead beasty in many RPGs . Basically an undead wizard . I found my ability to take these podcasters seriously tested when one of their number mispronounced it calling it a lick several times and not a one corrected him. It screamed amateur hour and made a bad first impression.
I've done a complete 180 on this cast. Having listened to more and more episodes, I think the hosts do a great job in getting all of the relevant RPG news out there, not to mention they have a wide variety of interests and specialties, from western to PC to even handhelds. RPGs can be an overlooked genre and it's great to find podcasts that put them in the spotlight. I'd have to say that Anna is my favorite host, given her deep knowledge of the video game industry, although everybody has their own take on things and contributes uniquely. Even the saboteur cats.


Pretty good podcast that covers RPG-related news. Sermingly more focus on JRPGs. My major complaint is that sometimes the hosts are disengaged. Also, it seems like there's always one person who is eating or sucking on something. Pretty distracting.

By Pdict
Great cast. Better than red sun gamer which is too pretentious. Normal people talking about good games with a better than average vocabulary. Also, I enjoy the frequency of these podcasts.
It was a bit of work listening to at first with the long pauses and lack of flow but it's grown on me, and helps me learn a lot more about rpgs and the industry. The host and Manny are cool, I just wish the other hosts were less distracted.
Let me start off saying that this isn't a bad podcast. It's just missing a couple things. The first is that the host needs to reign things in far more than he ever does. He's not a bad panel member, he just needs to assert himsefl far more and keep the show on track. The second is that the host has the bad habit of responding to long bits of information with "Oh" or "Mmmhmm...". It'd help if he had more to say considering he's the lead of the group. I'd say the show needs more editing, but I think it could sidestep that if it was lead more strongly. The meat of the show is good but it just needs more management.
Just started listening to the show a few months ago and it has really grown on me. Listening to other RPG fanatics gives me hope that the genre will make a comeback. Anna - you rock!
RPGamer now runs three separate podcasts. That has its advantages and disadvantages. The long-running weekly show has become such a tradition for RPGamer, I worry it becomes a chore, and sometimes I detect that in their voices. Fortunately, the cast of additional members alongside the main host(s) usually keeps things fresh. I'm very grateful for this podcast and for the work RPGamer does.
This podcast is one of the greatest podcasts you'll ever hear about RPGs you get almost all the info with many laughs. 11/5. But seriously this podcast if you like RPGs and even if the only RPG you've played is Pokemon you'll still love the podcast (But you seriously need to play more than Pokemon, at least like Paper Mario I mean come on). They all do a great job and you can tell that they love what they do.
I used to enjoy this podcast, but lately it has gotten to the point where I cannot even stomach it anymore. The main host has become more belligerent, wields his opinions in a "holier than thou" attitude, and frequently mocks his fellows without actually listening or understanding or taking a moment to consider what had been said or why - to the point that recently one fellow had refused to respond for the rest of the episode. Also as had been expressed by others editing is non-existent. One is not amused listening to people do google searches or having the cast go dead while the main host does something else on the side or has a chat with a fellow that could be done outside the cast, as if they had forgotten they were recording.
These guys don't know the basics of editing. It's too frustrating to try to listen to this podcast. Long uncomfortable pauses don't need to be there. Heavy breathing into the mic should be removed. I listened to episode 200 and at 19:23 it sounds like one of the guys is doing something that he shouldn't be doing. With protools or logic or cubase, removing stuff like this is a 2 second job. Even just a preliminary pass through where you make quick cuts takes no longer than the runtime of the show. The fact that they don't take the time to do this tells me that I shouldn't take the time to listen. It shows that they don't care about the quality of their podcast at all.


I love
Great Podcast, been listening since around episode 100. Every episode has been entertaining.
Are awesome epimazing! I've listened to every episode since 99b and they keep getting better and better. I gotta say thanks also for introducing me to the sarcastic gamer podcasts as well. Without you all I would have is G4 (yawn) for all of my gaming news. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Best game podcast EVAR!!! Yes EVAR!!!
I love your show guys, I never miss a week! Talk about Zelda for their 25th! If you consider it an RPG why or why not?
Great 'cast, Period. End of discussion. If you like this one listen to RPG Backtrack & RPG Sanctum. The guests oftentimes appear on all of them. One a side note I would like Phil's picks to be about video games on occasion. One other side note if Glenn is on the show be prepared for him to highjack the show and the Canadian lady has a potty mouth. Well that's two notes sorry.
I enjoy this show for the tangents, and the talk about games that usually do not get covered in other podcast. I can usually plan my purchase's by the reviews, meaning if rpgcast doesn't like it I will probably enjoy it.
Fun cast of folks that give an interesting perspective on gaming. As someone who likes to play a variety of games I enjoy getting in depth feedback and news on one of my favorite genres.
I love the site and listen to the cast almost every week. Emmanuel and Mikel are always pretty calm and funny, but the rest of the cast seems to get really heated really easily. I try and listen to podcasts to relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life, so I'm suggesting everyone in the cast take a Valium before each show!
This podcast is alright. There's way too many people on though. They're always cutting each other off and some don't even talk! They really need just the host who's Chris and Manny on with one different special guest each week. Make it happen Chris! That'll make this podcast a five 1/2 stars!
RPG's are my favorites games, but this podcast is not as good as I was thinking. The only one that make intelligent comments is Manny. No Les recomiendo este podcast.
I Like this podcast they dig in to the new games by real players. they flame each other over their great classic rpg plays. If your and ture RPG gamer this is the podcast for you. and their backtrack cast.


By ibh82
Weekly entertainment full of fun witty excitement. Podacasters show of their fact finding abilities to educate us lazier people without the pompous attitude of other game informers.
I love RPGamer and the RPGCast they host is wonderful. I've become hooked to listening to the new episode each week to get my rpg discussion fix.
Though I only listen to a few podcasts, it is this one, RPGcast that I look foward to the most every week. Not only does it provide news and information on both popular and more niche RPGs, but it does so with occasional wit and plenty of humor. Recently it has not been nearly as fun, but that's mostly due to the lull in RPG news and new releases. The best part of the podcast is the interaction between the host and the panel and running jokes such as a certain reoccurring panel member supposedly being born in Blue Dragon, the host playing many games but never finishing any, or bring up the president's love of catgirls. It's not perfect as the audio from certain panel members may be off at times and the like, but other than that, it's an enjoyable podcast. Any fan of RPGs will likely enjoy this podcast.
been a fan of the site for years and now im a fan of there podcast! keep up the good work guys!
Great and informative podcast. Much better when Oliver M is in it. I recommend this to anyone who likes RPGs.
The enthusiast press has a tendency to ignore traditional RPG's, and really anything out of the shooter-fare. This is a strong option outside of the (awesome) 1UP podcasts for your niche-market RPG coverage. Chris does a good job trying host and keep his ADD cast on topic, but some of the best moments come when they wander off topic. Lucipurr will be missed, but the show remains strong. Keep up the good work guys.
I've been a listener ever since the first episode, and I gotta say, these guys have come a long way, and do a hell of a job. Always fun listening to them, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is even remotely interested in the world of RPGs. Hope to see many more episodes to come =)
I'll start with the good, as far as passing along info and news about RPGs, this podcast does a great job. There is great content in there, but getting to it can be somewhat of a chore at times. For starters the audio quality and editing is not good, there are long pauses and the volume of certain people is not in check. For me this is a big problem since I listen to podcasts at work and my job requires a fair amount of concentration. It also seems like at least once per show a discussion will devolve into a big yelling nerd fight, the likes of which I have only seen in the worst of D&D games. Finally one of the panel is an unabashed elitist, talking trash about any game that isn't one of the two that he plays. That kind of attitude is not needed in a podcast that is trying to convey info to a decidedly niche crowd.
This podcast is hillarious, the host play off each other well and have a great laid back manner to the whole process, which I love. The random sidetracks and horrible segways frequently cause me to laugh out loud at work, provoking odd looks from my coworkers or fellow commuters. Sometimes they go a bit in-depth on specific games, which can be a bit boring if you don't know what they're talking about, but all in all a great (in my opinion) overlooked podcast that's really come into it's own recently and deserves to be in the same tier as anything by 1up (not a knock against 1up, just saying these guys are on the same level).
I became the website's regular reader when I started playing RPGs few years back. Whenever I needed information on any role-playing games their website poped out the most when googled. So when they launched the RPGCast I gladly added it to my playlist. Just like how they cover the RPG news on their website, RPGCast inlcudes all news in the RPG world, with additions to the hosts' experience with certain games. Because all of the video gaming podcasts are geared toward "underage" males, RPGCast's grown-up approach is a big welcome in my book. This is not to say the hosts are not funny or anything; I often had to stuff my chuckle while listening to them at work. All in all, the characters all have very likable personalities, good writing, and it's fun ... oh, wait, this is about a podcast ... so the characters have very likable personalities, good writing, and it's fun. I only wish there are more podcast like RPGCast.
this is a great podcast to listen to when your bored, it is also great to help you fall asleep and evey once in a while your laugh for some odd reason at things that are not funny. but when your half asleep anything is funny. this podcast gets a 11 out off 5. keep up the good work.
Emerging from the hoary depths of the internet, the grim patina of the ages crusted across it's ancient and battered surface, the RPGamer podcast continues it's inexorable march across the dark, abyssal plain known as iTunes. From whence it came, no one knows, and it's destination is only guessed at in the fever ridden ranting of deranged mad men, but what it brings us is clear; a ceaseless flow of savage brutality and stark truth that no sane mind can withstand. Rising through the stratosphere on the wings of a celestial eagle, it carves this truth across the very surface of the moon, in letters 100 miles high, with a sword forged of dinosaur bones and mountain peaks. So weep, brief mortals. Gnash and howl! You have brought yourself to the doorstep of the here ever after, and the prescious reality you cling to will be blasted away like chaff in the maelstrom.
These guys know what they're talking about and they've been in the business for awhile. If you want a podcast with news as well as entertainment, this is the one. I'm totally loving the podcast and I even frequent the website after listening a few times. Good stuff guys!
I love playing RPGs and I never could find a site or podcast that accuratly talks about RPGs and does a really good job reviewing RPGs than the bigger sites do. If these guys recommend an RPG chances are I will love it. If you are into RPGs you need to subscribe to this podcast.
I really enjoy this podcast. The participants are all rpg fans obviously, but they still have different tastes in the genre and it's entertaining to hear them banter back and forth. And it's a great way to keep updated on the latest games. Just gotta say, the opening music is kind of lame, but otherwise great job :)
Thanks so much for doing a great show about RPG's. I was getting tired of listening to shows that only focus on a worn out genre, mainly first person shooters. I have enjoyed your site for years, and was thrilled to finally see a podcast. Thanks for doing a great job.