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good production great content
This is a great podcast. It's nice to listen to people who are both funny and intelligent! I only wish the episodes were more frequent - once every week or 2 would be perfect!
I love this podcast. The trio deliver a mix of information and humor. Too bad I can't give it more than 5 stars.
The show features several hosts who discourse on various sophisticated topics in a thoughtful and generally lively way. The episodes I've listened to have had appropriate length. They're long enough to cover some good ground, but not so long that they run out of content and make you want to hang yourself (I'm talking to *you*, Analog Hole Gaming). I have a gripe with the sound engineering. The show often features (awful) background music playing at too loud a volume while people are talking. This has been getting better over time. But it's still not perfect. In the most recent episode, about "Socialism", the show didn't really start for real until around 2:40 into the podcast. Until then, the listener was left baffled as to whether the unexplained, unattributed clips of people talking over the loud (and did I mention awful?) background music was the show proper or not. Since I had heard prior episodes and knew what to listen for, I waited around. If I had never heard the show, there's no way I would have made it through this. Skipping through it isn't an attractive option on podcasts due to Apple's poor, imprecise controls on the iPhone and iPod Touch for seeking through long tracks. In spite of some of the audio problems, I enjoy the show and look forward to the next episode.
This show is becoming more and more funny each time and the quality of guests keeps improving. It's refreshing to hear alternative & cynical points of views on important social issues along with really hilarious commentary. Nothing is sacred, from television, news to religion and science.