Reviews For ATL Introducing: Real Talk

ATL focuses on the best new (mostly Rock) music from NI and sometimes acts from the south as well. They also sometimes feature extended dance mix tracks that are a personal favorite of mine. There are in studio interviews with up and coming artists, live in studio performances, as well as professionally pre-recorded tracks...this is the NI equivalent of Vic Galloway's Scotland Introducing, same basic idea...give a voice to new/unsigned/emerging talent via the magic of the interwebz....also at the end of every show is Rigsy's "Gig guide" which gives the rundown of the best new Live music performances in Belfast and other parts of NI that week, all delivered in a charming NI accent. Some of the music has Celtic influences, but these are the exception rather than the rule. This is mostly an alt/indy rock show.
It's cool...a radio station on ipod. Anyways, it's neat and if you like new music you should give this podcast a listen.