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So Glad You're Back! I read tons, and listen to plenty of voices & opinions about Notre Dame Football. You guys are my favorite! The blend of humor, truth and the "Fan's Perspective" make this the first Podcast I play when you've got a new episode available. Please keep up the great work! Thank you!
Good info from the guys. Enjoyed everything but the one guy who talking to close to the mic. That gets annoying when he talks a lot.
Love the podcast, but no new episodes since Oct 19???? ND is in the thick of a playoff race, we need your thoughts and analysis!
I really enjoy this podcast. This would be 5 stars but they do a podcast whenever they feel like it.
These guys have to be smoking something. Notre Dame by two touchdowns?
I really enjoy this program and it is helpful to understand situations and main issues. Go Irish and beat the Spartan! from Seoul
Hey guys i definitely like your podcast. but can't you make it longer than 20 minutes.. It's kind of a tease lol.. All it would take would be a lil more research and creativity to add to it and spice it up a bit.. But anyways Go Irish!!! :)
Still crushing on Floyd meanwhile Tate's on pace to be the best wide receiver in the country & is keeping Clauson in the Heisman race. These idiots are losers ---- 2010 update: you guys need 2 keep topic moving instead of just arguing the same points back & forth on the same issue for 1/2 hour!
The discussions includes in these podcasts are fantastic for any ND football fan. I don't live near Notre Dame and therefore I have very little access to "pro-ND" media. It is nice to know that I'm not the only person out there who feels so passionately about ND sports. My only complaint about these podcasts is that there aren't more of them!
I am a die hard Fighting Irish fan and to all other ND fans out there, this is a great show to listen to. Mike Brammer knows what he's talking about and he gives great game analysis. The show is also great because these guys are realists. They love their team, but they also have a keen understanding of the weaknesses and things that need improved. Great show, I'm always looking forward to the next one!
I like to listen to what fans of ND have to say before and after each game. Gives some great insight to the season. One thing is I want them to do a show talking about the new recruits coming in and where they would stand on the team the next season.
These guys are GENIUSES! The world would not be the same (or half as exciting) if it were not for Mike Sullivan and Ed Sullivan! Their children must be amazing! Sullivan and Sullivan for President!
This Podcast is really cool! It always has different sides on ND and Charlie Weis. And it's fun to hear the two brothers Mike Sullivan and Ed Sullivan argue about ND. I also like listening to it because you get a feeling for what might happen in both the next ND football game and ND Basketball game. My Favorite Guy is Ed Sullivan.