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This podcast is all about one thing for me: Steve Raker's big ol' brain. I'll tell you right now that you won't find a more knowledgeable podcaster when it comes to Marvel's Bronze Age (my sweet spot). The rest of the gang give a nice range of perspectives when discussing new books, as well. With over 200 episodes in the books, you can bet that if it happened in the Marvel U, they've probably discussed it on Marvel Noise. Their catalog of episodes should be considered a national treasure. Check it out!
lose the david price intros he is insufferable otherwise not a bad show
A great comics podcast sharing love of Marvel Comics through the ages through a variety of different segments with various contributors.....Steve Raker likes to go back through Marvel's publishing history with old favorites, but the gang also covers new Incredibly produced 'Smash Tales' Hulk dramas! Keep up the great work, everyone!
If you need a podcast that reviews Marvel comics of the past and present in the Mighty Marvel manner, then you need Marvel Noise. "Dashing" David A. Price, "Stunning" Steve Raker, and a cast of thousands (give or take) bring the Noise, highlighted by in-depth retrospectives of classic tales from the House of Ideas. Every episode is smart and entertaining, and with the Marvel NOW! initiative in full swing, NOW is the perfect jumping-on point for new readers -- er, listeners. It's great stuff. Try it, you'll love it. 'Nuff said.
This is a very entertaining podcast which covers all sorts of Marvel topics, hosted by the professional and knowledgable David Price. I especially enjoy the Hulk-centric "Smash Tales." The Smash Tales segment has very good production values while summarizing 1980s Hulk story arcs. I really enjoy this podcast and recommend it to all comic book fans.
I can't believe it took me this long to write a review. Great podcast featuring the best of the past, present and a taste of the future. Timeless entertainment, start at episode 1 and listen to 'em all or just dive in for the newest. You won't be disappointed. LA Rabbit
I tried Marvel Noise a couple years back and it just didn't click, but after coming back to it later, I got it! That's why it's like Doctor Who, at least for me, who didn't like that show at first, but now it's wicked awesome. There's nobody at my local comic shops who can hold intelligent conversations about comics, but there is Marvel Noise. David A. Price, Steve Raker, Pat Loika, et al, are the guys who I'd like to talk comics with on a Saturday afternoon. Their knowledge of all things "inside baseball" of the comics world is amazing, and they got the smooth voices to get me through my workday (David channels Barry White on occasion). Oh, and the Smash Tales segment is all right, too.
Maybe there's something I'm missing here. Most of this podcast is just a guy reading off a list of solicitations. How is that useful? I can look over solicitations myself. Why would I need someone to read them to me? Obviously MOST comics won't really appeal to me (unless I want to spend $500 a week on comics) so it's just wasted time for me to hear all those minutes of soliciations recited pertaining to comics I have no interest in. I to see what the point of this is. The rest of the segments are pretty bland as well. It just isn't exciting, interesting or dynamic to have isolated individuals send in their solo segments and play them. The podcast isn't even labelled most of the time, so you have no idea what you're getting into when you play it. There's barely any reviewing or criticism, either. It's just: "Here's what's happening. There it is." Blah. I can see how this bland format would work for things like the news, or a podcast about history, or recitations of how politicians voted on certain issues or whatever. Seriously: you don't need a jovial, multi-host format for everything. But...for comics? You need it for comics. Otherwise this is like listening to a video game podcast where a guy just reads programming code, or a film podcast that's just someone reading the credits to movies, or a sports podcast that's just someone reading off stats.
Marvel Noise is an entertaining, fast, and cool podcast to bring you up to date with Marvel and all it's wonder. And what would it be without Mr. David A. Price, not only a wonderful host on this show, but 11 O'clock Comics as well. So what are you waiting for, subscribe today, and don't forget to check out 11 O'Clock Comics. You owe me one David!
David a. Price is an out standing show host and has one of the most entertaining podcasts in marvel. There are different segments such as Skrull watch, bring em back with backwards dave,curent events with pat loika,and the mighty marvel movie minute with more. The podcast is artfully crafted and greatly entertaining. you would be crazy not to listen
While I certainly consider David a friend, I honestly believe Marvel Noise would be a must listen for me even if we were complete strangers. If you're a Marvel Zombie and want a show that focuses on the House of Ideas exclusively, you can't do any better than Marvel Noise. It's an ensemble cast hosted by David but with ongoing features ranging a look at what's in stores now to reflections on great moments in Marvel's past. If you like to "Make Mine Marvel" than you would be a fool not to "Make Mine Marvel Noise"...and that's the straight truth!
I read and love all comics. I also love listening all comic podcast. But in my opinion there are few Marvel podcast out there. It also seems to me that when I listen to other general comic podcasts, Marvel gets short changed and is hardly mentioned while DC gets the most mentions and air time (not that there is anything wrong with DC books). Other than the dedicated Marvel character/team podcasts that are out there, this is the only dedicated general Marvel Universe podcast. So, give Marvel Noise a shot and you will be entertained by various quality segments such as "Bring it Back" to "The Marvel History Lesson."
No complaints, but I feel that I am not the perfect listener for this Podcast. I prefer multiple hosts - the monologue approach doesn't work for me. On the other hand, the host's knowledge of Marvel is outstanding.
well done. nuff said.
THE show for any marvel fan!! david a price shows his love for marvel every week!! one of my top 3 podcast! stop reading this & go listen!!
David and his fellow scholars are comicbook guys with a realistic attitude and real lives beyond their hobby - It is nice to listen to people who love the genre as much as myself - never too serious - just a love for the characters and the history - many hours of graduate school work has been accomplished while I reminisce with Marvel Noise - Thanks.
Marvel Noise delivers a well-put-together Marvel-centric podcast that is professional, concise, thoughtful, and -- most importantly -- entertaining! "Current Releases" is where David A. Price brings you up to speed on the week's newest offerings from the House of Ideas, and fan favorite "Marvel Tales" features Price delivering an run-through of a classic Marvel issue from back in the day. More topical features, like "SkrullWatch", have also add to the quality of the show. Although hosted by Price, he gets all kinds of help with the podcast from caller voicemail, forum lurkers, and regular contributor segments by Mike Sims ("Mighty Marvel Movie Minute") and Dave McFalls ("Bring 'Em Back")! By far the best comic book podcast out there.
I listen to a lot of comic book-themed podcasts, but Marvel Noise is the only one that covers ALL of my Marvel needs. David Price is intelligent, insightful, and informed about that which he speaks. He tells me what's coming out and when, takes me down memory lane by revisiting past storylines and events, and makes me aware of comics to come. The various segments by Pat Loika and others are wonderful, as well. The love and enthusiasm David and company have for Marvel comics are what keep me coming back for more, week after week. Marvel Noise is a winner!
David Price & Co. offer the week's releases and discuss current storylines and events from Marvel in an intelligent and knowledgeable manner. I love that they keep things short and sweet in each segment. Recommended.
Gave it a shot for a couple of weeks. The host sounds disinterested, which takes some of the excitement out of it for me. If you're going to talk comics, you gotta show some enthusiasm. The music is some weak electronica stuff that doesn't fit. The segments are bland(Bring It Back??), and the vast majority of the show is the host simply reading off a list of the new releases without really talking about the books that much. There are much better podcasts out there than this.
Marvel centric, very informative, its a great way to keep abreast of all that is current in Marveldom! What more could one ask for? Subscribe now!!!!
If you are a Marvel Comics fan, this show is an absolute must download! Each week, David delivers in depth reviews and insight into the latest Marvel releases and news. This is one excellent podcast from someone who knows his Marvel history!
David is a pleasure to listen to - a longtime reader (and podcaster) with a great voice and style. I really like the "What's coming out on Wednesday" section to remind me of any new releases that I may have forgotten about. Keep up the great work David!
Rising from the ashes of Civil Wa...I mean, the Bullpen Bulletins Podcast, David Price returns to the Marvel podcasting scene with Marvel Noise. Based on the body of work and shows that he's been involved with previously, this show will not leave any Marvel comics readers feeling short-changed. Personally, I'm looking forward to getting Mr. Price's takes on the Marvel U and to hearing the community's feedback on the show and the state of books coming out of the House of Ideas.