Reviews For Astronomy 161 - Introduction to Solar System Astronomy - Autumn 2007

Truly a great resource for a basic understanding of the history and power of Astronomy.
I am a 13 year old and have been interested in astronomy since I was 8. I love reading about infinity and beyond, and my dad found these podcasts for me and I love them!! I have just finished reading the NASA's latest encyclopedia, and it really is nice to hear each subject in more depth. I am now saving up for a telescope!! THANK U SO MUCH FOR THESE!! :)
Best thing I've found on iTunes yet. Do yourself a favor and let professor Pogge take you on a mind-exploding journey through science and history. Simply astonishing.
Dr. Pogge is extraordinarily knowledgeable, enjoyable, informative, and is very respectful of his students and the larger podcast audience. Also, and as important as anything else: his audio is unfailingly excellent. I've listened to all of his casts and have enjoyed every minute.
As other reviewers have said, I have learned so much about astronomy listening to Professor Pogge's lectures. I started with one out of curiosity and have since downloaded several. I am so grateful he put them online. I wish more educators would follow his lead, particularly in the sciences as we are so lacking nationally in that area. I only wish there was a way to see the visual materials he is using in the class--just a wish, not in any way meant as a criticism of the podcast.
Amazing. Thank you Richard Pogge for doing this. I'm so greatful that I happen to live in a time when information like this is available in such an accessible format.
I have learned more from listening to Dr. Pogge's lectures than I ever did in college. His passion and understanding is incredible. I'm also very impressed at the way it is taught so that the layperson can fully understand everthing in the lecture. I drive all night and listen to these over and over and now have the same fascination I had when I was a small child wondering what all those "twinkly bits" up there are. This man needs a show on Discovery Channel!!


By jogle
Better than any other astronomy podcast
i don't feel like i'm wasting my life while listening to this at my mundane job. my ipod has changed my life. thank you richard pogge for putting your lectures onto the web. they are appreciated!
Dr. Pogge is amazing lecturer because he's thorough and interesting. I've been an amateur astronomer most of my life and have focused on the question "What is it?" , but these lectures take you beyond that question to questions such as: "What's the historical development of our understanding of the universe?" and "How does it work?" I've been able to apply what I've learned at a recent starparty. I got up really early one morning around 5am to see Venus very high in the sky. So I immediatley recalled the lecture on "The Wanderers" and asked myself, "If it's so high away from the sun before sunrise, then it must be near some maximum elongation. Then one of my friends was observing Venus in his scope in total 11am daylight. We both wondered if it was at "Western or Eastern elongation." We concluded it was Western Max elongation because Venus rose in the morning. We looked it up in a Ephemeris and sure enough today it's at Max Western Elongation. The same with Mars-- we concluded since it rose at midnight it must be near Western quadrature. These simple observations help me to know where the orbits are relative to the earth without any computations. He encourages you to ask questions and observe the daily phenomena around you just as people have done for 1000's of years. Sadly, in our technological society we've really lost that interest in making observations such as this. Finally, as you can see, this is just the surface of what you can learn in this class to expand your mind about the universe around you. I recommend these lectures to everyone to listen on the way to work and going home. It will be good use of time. Mark