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I heard of Pastor Leon from a dearly beloved brother, while we were on his boat, he played "Blessed in the presence of my enemies" and "Praying in the Spirit" and Leon's message was like having a home cooked meal. Fulfilling for my body, soul, and Spirit. Also I believe he's good friends with Pastor Joseph Prince which I know Grace will always be imparted for those who hear. God bless both of these Pastors in Jesus name Amen!
The Spirit Contemporary Life is how we can be relational to those around us as we grew in our walk with Holy Spirit. He’s our Helper, Advocate and so much more. Thankful to the Lord for this ministry that so uplifts Truths from The Word if God!!
This man has a wonderful gift of telling us how much God loves us. Not religious talk. Straight from the Bible truths. Not hell and damnation. Love from God above. True pure real love.