Reviews For Aging Gratefully: The Doctor and The Man from Hollywood on the Third Age of Life

Content was very good. Sound quality was horrific. Have to keep turning it up and down. Hosts will talk very low and then everyone will laugh very loudly and pop the eardrums. Can you get a sound engineer? If you can get past this, it is worth a listen.
This is the first show of its kind I have heard, where the whole show is about aging and how to be grateful for what it brings instead of resentful or depressed. There is a lot of information contained in this radio show, the guest is Dr. Christianne Northrupp. I've heard her interviewed on other shows and she is really brilliant. On this show she talks about menaupause and the relationship between mothers and their adult daughters. If you're 50 or over I recommend this show. It's positive, lots of fun and full of good information.