JetNation Radio; NY Jets Podcast

Reviews For JetNation Radio; NY Jets Podcast

Glen and Alex did a great job breaking down the Jets options. Very knowledgable. Well done.
The new guy Alex sounds like he really knows the team. Looking forward to hearing more.
Glen and his guests do a wonderful job analyzing the Jets week to week. Thoughtful and insightful, keep up the good work.
Good information and knowledgeable host, but please drop a couple hundred on some better audio equipment. Sounds like I’m listening through an old CB radio.
Love the podcast...part of my weekly ritual. Very detailed and the audio continues to get better. Thank you fellas for all the hard work and time spent. Gang Green All Day Everyday!!!
Great show that breaks down the Jets every way possible. Performance, predictions, expectations and much more. Subscribe and tune in!
Great show! Real talk and real opinions. Huge fans who put time in to watch film and break down every aspect of the organization. Good humor and no crap.
Juvenile and whiney with this hosts talking over each other and some ill informed comments. Calling this an amateur show is kind.
This can not be beat for the information it provides. Both Courtney and Nick play well off each other. As time goes by and the two of them settle into their groove I can see this turning into the most fun, entertaining sports based podcast out there. Facts, analysis, and commentary what's not to love about Nick and Courtney playing off each other.