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Thanks for making a great podcast guys. I really enjoy all of the content!
Somewhat surreal, out of the three MWUnion podcasts, the original (ie this one) is the poorest produced. It's really easy to boot up an audio-editor and remove ums and excessive white space before releasing the podcast. Basic post-production would raise the listenability of this podcast and probably easily double the rating I have offered here.
I really like this podcast definatly in my top 5, great to listen to when painting, good info and good dynamic between hosts. always have pleny of info and tips.
The show tends to have bad production quality. Too many people on, usually talking over each other or making comments that only they understand. Tends to concentrate on computer game versions of the GW world. Topics can be long and rambling about things your only mildly interested in. The good is that they are top notch at gathering news and rumors up for you. The bad is that it is easier to go to their website and read the news you want rather then wait for it to come up in the show. This podcast would be great as a bi-weekly e-mail of the latest news and photos of Games Workshop products
Good job guys i like the formaty and the way you lay things out. keep it up
Keep up the great work guys. I love the new show format. Anyone with a knowledge of Games Workshop will enjoy this podcast.
Keep up all the great work and I enjoy listening to the new shows each time they come out.
They provide good information but it is weighed down by bad production quality and meandering conversations. After having done this for 2 years, one would expect a tad more polish on the presentation. I guess thats the price you pay for listening to a podcast made by 3 teen-age gamers...
If you know what games workshop is and enjoy hobbying than this podcast is for you.
The Title Says It All!
This is a good listen for fans of the Games Workshop universe, but it's far from perfect. The main problem is that there are too many hosts and too often the conversation will turn into everyone talking over each other trying to get their own unfunny jokes in. Still, there's always a lot of good info and for the most part, I enjoy it. If they would just use one or two hosts and stop trying to be funny, this would be so much better.
There are times when the conversations spins down to juvenile giggling. There are also times when they could be more succinct. These being said, I really enjoy this podcast. Their news (and related commentary) keep anyone on the pulse of GW. I enjoy their thoughts on the games and the direction of the company. Well done, boys. I am a fan! You are the first podcast I check after a synch.