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First episode in it is clear the writer only includes females to describe the physical attributes, feels so amateurish. If the phrase “She winked” at him were a drinking game you wold be pretty far gone in this episode. The narrator attempts at female flirtations voicing is painful and distracting to the story. I hope it improves as this has a long run, I am willing to give a few more episodes.
That was a few months ago. I upped my rating to 5 ⭐️ because one thing overrides my complaints: episodes keep coming. How many podcasters don't release the seasons they say they will? -----The series is good and I do love the full cast productions (during an interstitial piece after "Making the Cut" a caller who "speaks for all" informed the writer we "just want the story". He forgot to ask me). Bare bones story telling is better than nothing, but … Speaking of feedback, enormous amounts of each episode is given to feedback of previous episodes which ain't so great but made worse by dreadful audio, discussion of the writer's process, his personal experiences with other podcasters and podcasts, etc. Never once does he reveal during the outro of up to 8 minutes why he says "pellow" instead of "pillow". On Overcast you can set to skip the intro or outro if you wish. There's no reason to skip an outro of excellent music but writing stats of unpredictable length are a different story. A note for bea1701 who wrote this in the "review" spot: "if you're not listening- YOU SHOULD BE!" I hope you take a second look and ask why YOU should be telling people to listen. It's not a review if it's a demand.
Really well done on the latest episode Chris! I'm sure those who posted the story prompts are over the moon with how well your offerings turned out. Keep up the great work! Poscast listeners: If you're not listening, YOU SHOULD BE!
I really love this podcast and the engaging stories Chris tells. I look forward to each new episode and the expansion of the story and the universe Chris has created. The characters are realistic and endearing. And the stories are detailed with realistic scientific practices in a magical universe. Thank you Chris for the hours of enjoyment!
Chris’s podcast is stellar, but why not buy the book too like I did.
Absolutely awesome. Love the stories
Just started listening from the beginning , making the cut, can’t stop listening . One of the best stories besides 7th son..
Keep at the awesome!
Chris, my friend you are someone that has such a talent. You are able to move me out of my every day life and take me to a world where I can allow myself to go to a new world where I can simply enjoy the wonderful world of fantasy. If there was a way of giving you more than five stars I would do it. Thank you for all of your wonderful stories and the joy that you’ve given my life because of your great talent to tell stories.Bruce
Great series and stories. Please keep them coming.
I started with the full cast audio. Then when he decided to just use his own voice I did not think I would like it. Boy was I wrong it only took me half of the first episode and I was hooked great job.
Mr. Lester starts with a genre mash-up that shouldn’t work --high fantasy and cyber-punk-- and not only makes it work, but makes you believe it. He takes a wild premise and uses it to execute a richly detailed fantastical realm populated by complex characters which feel very real, and sometimes feel all-too familiar. His greatest strength is the “reality” he brings to the his fantastic city. FYI, I’m giving the same rating and review to both “The Metamor City Podcast” and “The Raven and the Writing Desk” because as far as I can tell, the later is an extension of the former.
You, sir, are a bane on my muse. Since I began listening to Making The Cut, I have been seized by a compulsion to return to writing... Which wouldn't be so much of a problem if I could just tear myself away from the show long enough to put pen to paper for any length of time! You have found a very delicate balance between the technical and the arcane that is (for lack of a better word) simply intoxicating. I haven't been this enthralled since listening to Outcast by Chris Hvidsten. I can hardly wait to get through the rest of the backlog and find out how the story ends. P.S. - It hasn't escaped me that you both share the same first name, which intrigues and amuses me. Maybe the name is somehow blessed with impeccable writing talents?


By Hoopd25
Soooo I started listening to Chris about a year ago and have continually searched him out and listened to everything that I can find that he has done. He is a terrific voice actor, storyteller, and seems like a dude you would want to hangout with oh and his books are great too hahaha. If you want a fantastic listening experience then you better subscribe to the podcast. If this doesn't make you want to then climb out from underneath your rock or off your high horse and do it anyway haha.
This was a very cool saga at one time then the author got really into some relationship with this creepy erotica guy called Nobless. That guy was just skeevy and nasty sounding. Like they were sleeping together so he gave him lots of time in his podcast. The podcast became overtly sexual and in my opinion that's why it's not very popular anymore. It's obvious there's an agenda and it's clear when the change happened. The episodes are shorter and the podcast is reworked into a writing exercise. All the supporting voice actors are gone too. It's sad that the author let that creepy guy ruin such a great product. I will say that I am happy we no longer need to hear Mr Nobless voice and misogynistic writings.
Chris Lester is s great storyteller. If you like urban/fantasy stories, you should give him a try.
Glad to see the podcast thy got me into podcasts back! Chris may have been away for a while but he is back and just as great as ever! We will miss the full fledged voice cast and production but the week by week release makes up for that and Chris does a great job expressing several Characters at once! So all in all a 5 star show!
Love it.
For someone who went discovered a love Urban Fantasy in a copy of one of Laurell K Hamilton's books (and then had that love trod upon by later newels in the same series), Metamor City is the answer to my prayers. The world building that went into the creation of the universe that these stories take place is astounding, and the characters are as diverse as any group of people you could ever meet in the real world. Top it off with a full cast production and the silky smooth voice of the author himself narrating, this is one of the best podcast novels out there today.
This was one of the very first podcasts I ever listened to, and it got me through many long subway rides and hours of data entry while doing research abroad for my dissertation. It's wonderful that Chris Lester has started writing these stories again - his world is unusually creative and fascinating, and I can't wait to see what new stories will take place in it. Thanks so much!


By Gwyrm
This is the best. One of the most thought out and colorful worlds I have read(or listened to). Keep it up Chris.
Chris Lester is the author behind this feed. It is a collection of short stories, novellas, and novels set in his world Metamor City. Imagine a fantasy setting allowed to progress to the 21st Century and that is what you have with Metamor City. It is Urban Fantasy with elements of Cyberpunk and Steampunk. The various works go from single reader narration to full cast audio dramas. Of the podcast novelists out there Chris Lester is one of my favorites. Here is a warning the feed does have gaps between works. This is due to the Author writing, then working to get the show produced. There is a large amount archived so it will take a while to get through.
This podcast has some of the best character development I've heard in any podiobook series. Hesitated on the first episode but it has since become one of my favorites
Common Chris give us more!!! I don't know how I came across this but I am now a Metamorph for sure don't pass this star studded full cast podcast just finished season 1 and WOW!!!!!!
One Podcast to rule them all! My favorite podcast. Equal parts Cyberpunk thriller and Fantasy adventure Metamor City brings the goods season after season. I can't wait for the next season...
This cake like wonder land is delicious. The story goes for flavers rarely tasted. Leaving you craving another bite.
The whole PSI collective harem breeding cell model let me down. I expect more from scifi writing than a some fantasy of a man banging 4 women and all the women popping out babies for the good of the collective. And the author's explanation during "Making the Cut" feedback made it worse. The harem model makes child care easier? Oh, because only women can take care of children. Please. Currently at Episode 12 of Making the Cut, but I'm stepping back from it for awhile. Too annoyed at the low-brow-ish of it all to continue listening at the moment. It's really too bad because the production values are top notch.
I really hope that there will be new content on this podcast as it has been on hiatus for a long time now. Looking for good news, Still one of the best podcasts and stories out there!
I have to say a great podcast I have been hooked. I am sad when are the new stories coming. It's been several months. I am frustrated and there are no other podcast that comes digital magic but that one has also left me hanging Chris Lester really your fans are disappointed 2 years since any new stories.
( See update) On whim i got it in an instant i loved it. From the first short story through all of the novel i have been enthralled. Great writing, intracate as well as intamate plots, and some superb voice acting. Get it now i tell you. (update) I mean come on! I have been waiting for years for the next novel. I really don't beliveve it's coming at this point.
This is an amazing podcast! The sci-fi fantasy world, well rounded characters, and intricate story line all really draw you in. It has both short stories as well as full audio novels, almost all of which is excellently voice acted and even used music and sound effects. I found myself really caring for the characters. Sometimes I would laugh out loud, gasp, and admittedly even cried. The content is at times VERY mature, with moments of language, violence, and sexual situations. However, that did not detract from the story for me. I felt like it added realism to the world. Although, of course, a lot of the mature content was based in fantasy, it still felt like it fit within the world, were those things possible. If you are conservative this might not be for you, but if you can deal with a bit of what sometimes goes on in the dark side and enjoy truly engrossing stories, and fully fleshed out characters, and environments, I highly suggest you give a few episodes a chance! PS: Chris Lester, PLEASE PLEASE keep them coming!!!
I am so in love with this podcast, I truly am. I am now listening to "Making the Cut" for the 4th time. But I am disappointed that we haven't gotten a new installment or at least an UPDATE since September!
Am listening from the beginning and just finished Making The Cut. Great storylines and am looking forward to hear the rest of the podcats. I listen to them going to and from work (not really a good idea to listen AT work) Like the novellas, but sometimes a short story is just the right thing to unwind to Keep up the fantastic work
A beautiful combination of Urban and Dark Fantasy that will transport you to another world you'll never want to leave from. It combines great characters with one shot stories and serials. Each introduce you to a new corner of this amazing world while the stories they tell will captivate you and when they to make you laugh or break your heart. Chris Lester has done an amazing job of writing stories that invite you into his world, introduce you it's people and entice your imagination.
Darn you Chris Lester! I happen to come across this podcast while mindlessly searching iTunes and thought to myself "Hmm... This might interesting." What an understatement! From the very first episode I became hooked. It didn't take long for me to get caught up in the world if Metamor and sadly now I find myself like many of the other fans... anxiously awaiting season two. Thanks for the last two live episodes from Balticon. Like a hooked addict, I got my fix for now =D. As for those that are wondering if this podcast is worth the listen, trust me, you will not be disappointed at all. Five * * * * * for you Chris =)
Thank you for the ride!!! Chris Lester you rock!!! Thanks for getting me hooked on podcast and introducing me to other pods as well.
the story is great but it's beens more than a month since theres been any actual story. i subscribed to listen to the a great story not to listen to around table of him talking to other podcasters. sorry chris but it had to be said
From the very beginning I was a bit leery of this Podcast, I was in the middle of Cybrosis when I heard the advertisement for Medamor City and I still haven't finished P.C. Haring's novel. Chris Lester has my my heart and soul in his grasp and for good reason. Metamor has an equally dark and uplifting story that speaks to me as a person in a way that books of any other kinds can't match. The characters truly undergo changes and interact as adults with believable convictions and emotion. I loved every second, moments that sent chills through me, moment where I've had tears and where I've even come close to screaming in frustration. Top notch production and I hope for more!
In the Metamor City Podcast, Chris Lester shows us what happens when a world of high fantasy reaches an era of high technology. While I'm not usually a fan of most urban fantasy, Metamor City has me hooked. Beneath the intriguing premise are compelling storylines, captivating characters, and top-notch production values. The stories so far have gone way beyond what I originally expected, exploring difficult themes on a mature and thoughtful level. And you don't want to miss the bonus interviews and feedback episodes, where you can find out about the history and philosophical underpinnings of Metamor City, as well as get to know the guy behind it all. The Metamor City Podcast is one of my favorite fiction podcasts, and it's well worth a listen.
Please don't ever stop writing!
Chris Lester succeeds in creating a deep, immersive universe of magic, technology, fantasy and intrigue. The intensity of the characters and the plot of 'Making the cut" is intricately spun with a powerful myriad of expression and realistic, believable character decisions. Not all the endings are happy, and the story is that much better because of it. Lester is not afraid to show the darker side of an urban world, and masterfully integrates the influences of an environment that mixes technology and magic in one delightful package. Definitely worth the download. Can't wait for more!
I have only started listening to Pod Cast & Podiobooks within the last year and resently found Metamor City. I LOVE IT.
I just finished Making the Cut, and am ready to start working through the second season. The characters in Metamor City are fully realized creations that are very easy to connect with, regardless of their unique abilities. This is a truly special podcast. Keep up the fantastic work!
This is by far one of the best podcast I have ever listened to! The writing and the actors did an excellent job.
I was able to download quite a few epis that have already been done and at first, I couldn't stop listening... I am not quite sure the polyamory lifestyle needed to be highlighted in quite so much detail, it detracted from the story for me. I started to wonder why it needed to be done (so much) and was there some kind of personal agenda? I do understand the need in the storylines, but there seemed to be more gratuitous material than needed.
I've listened to several serial podcast novels and this is really the best I've heard. The cast is full and fitting, with excellent audio quality, and Chris has an amazing way with words. Between the full vocal cast, including excellent narration by Chris himself, superb choice of background music to set the tone, and sound effects for ambient noises, Chris manages to pull you in and keep you going for the whole ride. And an awesome ride it is. Metamor City is a world of magic and high technology, but you don't really notice it. Once you get pulled into the story, all the amazing feats become normal. Just part of the character's everyday lives. tl;dr version, Get this podcast! Subscribe, listen, fall in love with the world, the characters, and the story!
Chris and his group of voice actors are great. The stories are intricate and the theatre of the mind that he is able to inspire is awesome. I listen to them all day at work while doing some tedious coding. I would probably be nuts or have killed a coworker if I didn't have these to listen to. Keep up the good work!
I find myself not able to put the headphones down. Great story and the actors are doing a wonderful job bringing it to life.