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if you can , please put english subtitles....i don't understand french and i can't understand that much of japanese yet. thanx
Sad sad...I don't know french...WAAAAAAAAH!!! Pourriez vous svp faire ceci dans les sous-titres en anglais aussi ! ! ! PLEEEASE ! ! ! I
i finally find a good podcast but i cant understand it!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sob* im giving it a 5 cuz if i could understand it i would give it a five so yea.... T.T
I can't download it....T_T LOOKS GREAT THOUGH!!! =D
This is an awesome podcast. It makes me wish so bad i could read the french subtitles. So as everyone else i to agree on how great this is but if you could add english subtitles it would be great. Also wish i knew how you did it. Thanks Brett Ceci est une impressionnante de podcast. Il me fait si mal tiens j'ai pu lire les sous-titres en français. Alors que tout le monde i à s'entendre sur la façon dont cela est grand, mais si vous pourriez ajouter des sous-titres Anglais il serait grand. I tiens également su vous l'avez fait. Grâce Brett (ô i, à utiliser un langage coverter)
I like this podcast and the anime on it but if you could put in an english subtitled version that would be good to