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Reviews For Funk It Up On RTE Pulse

I am a big fan of the disco era, however DJ. Colin has a funky unique way of blending soulful cuts with electric groovey beats.Once you listen, you will be hooked! My IPod is loaded with every podcast he has avalible. I listen in the car, work, gym and everytime I'm entertaining guess. Phenomenal DJ, Trust me I heard them all. He is King. Funk it up International in Awesome !!!!
My wife Claire discovered Colin's podcasts just as I had got my "green card" approved and emigrated from the UK to sunny Miami! We love the mixes, I have them all on my ipod and listen to them while cycling, gardening, relaxing around the pool..... I can thoroughly recommend them all, and have done so to all our friends all over the world........ including the students I am teaching here in Florida! Well done Colin.... keep them coming!!!!!.... and thank you for producing some awsome mixes of music that would be impossible for us to access!!!!
These mixes are HAWT!! Well done!
This is what I was looking for! This podcast has me boogie on my commute to and from work!
DJ Colin is my new favorite podcast! I just discovered this podcast and I will look forward to sharing it with other house heads. Thanks for sharing your talent and the wonderful music with the world!