Reviews For Sound of Porsche - Stories of the Brand


seriously? porsche is a german company, so why are people so surprised this is in german? plus, it's in the german language podcast group, so...seems like some people need to get themselves rosetta stone.
Ihr musst Deutsch lernen dann k├Ânnt ihr den Podcast verstehen. Der Podcast ist sehr informativ. Ich liebe auch Porsche. Aber ich bin nicht Deutsch, ich bin Amerikan. :D Yes for all the English people, I am not native German but am in the process of learning the language and this podcast is very informative and amazing because it is about Porsche.


By loone2
I like porsches but i cant speak german!!
..its say language: German under the title, so why the surprise.. If you've driven one you'd know, Porsche is a universal language. ps: all in good fun , I''ve only test drove them..
I love Porsches and Podcasts, and I probably would have liked this one, but it's all in German! I don't know how to speak German, so the Podcast made no sense to me. It was about Porsches, so I at least gave it a 4. I really wish it was in English though!


this thing rocks all though its in german any porche lover will love dude
I was very excited to find out that Porsche had their very own podcast. But I was just as bummed to find out it was only in german. I would probably have givin it a 5 Star review, only to find out it is only in german. :(