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He is an anointed teacher. Preaching the true unfailing word of God. I Recommend him above any other biblical teacher. A+++
Paul is a true man of God! I’ve shared his sermons with everyone I know, believer or not! He has such wisdom and grace (yet humor as well) in his sermons, he’s so gifted and the most biblically sound of any pastor I’ve ever heard preach!
The Lord our God has form a great mind in brother Paul Washer, and you will find yourself being lead by the Holy Spirit into a deeper and closer relationship with the one and only God that has called Himself "I AM"!
Proverbs 14:12
I appreciate the sermons I've found here. The Word of God as preached herein has changed my life. Thank you for being willing to pay the price of truth.
Thank God for preacher who preach the Truth of God Word with passion and urgency. Lord, God please sent us more preacher like him and lead us to the cross of repentance.
It's neat impossible to find preachers that preach like this so I'm glad I can get these podcasts. They are such a blessing :) thank you.
The Father has led me to these words- I'm amazed to once again hear someone preach 'Christ Crucified'
Thank you so very, very much.
Such a blessing!! Thank you lord!