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This podcast is preety good, however needs to be updated. If your looking for an podcast which reviews the Gossip girl episodes as they are airing check out 'Going South' with Codey and Sky, it's a south of nowhere podcast but at the end of each podcast episode they review Gossip girl with a slightly more Saphic eye - if you know what i mean. And if you do you will love Going South ;)
Since only 1 episode is available, I haven't heard much unfortunately. But it was one great episode!! I hope they eventually return or at least put other episodes back up!
I usually don't listen to podcasts b/c they are usually just very matter-of-fact and boring, but S&A make the podcast so fun to listen to. PLEASE ADD NEW EPISODES SOON = ] XOXO


this is so funny i feel like im talking to my friends you should do the second season
great podcast i love this show and this podcast these girls are pretty funny.
this pod cast is ASOWM but wher are any new ones i love this epsiod
Just wanted to say welcome back. Excited to listen again.
This is the funniest thing ever!!! I think Bad News Blair is the best one, I couldn't stop laughing. Anyway, keep up the good work!
I love this podcast, so much better than the other ones about this show....It is definately one of my favorite podcasts....BUT it isn't consistent enough, I look for it every week!!!! I miss yall, please make new podcasts.....


By cheam
Your last podcast was really boaring to listen to. and its sad. all the other podcasst were really funny, and i think you let that one mean comment(mentioned on your podcast) get to you. so i love your podcast otherwise ,but the 12th episode was really bad.FIX!
This is so awesome I love your podcasts! You guys are so funny, I'm practically laughing the whole time. I love how you go by scene and actually make sense when I'm listening.
I love this podcast. I feel like the hosts talk about every detail that happens in Gossip Girl and I think its awesome ! Keep it up!


AWSOME!!! This pod cast rocks becuase 1. They cover the episode very well but make its funny and enjoyable 2.They respond e-mails rather quickly Im sorry to hear that Sarah moved away but keep on making podcasts Good Luck, A
You guys have an excellent way of taking notes and having banter between most of you. Unfortunately you guys haven't updated lately and season 1 is through. It is amazing that you guys and juggling this and high school. I like the music at the beginning and end but sometimes it's kind of lengthy and I would rather be listening to you guys talk. Other than that please no more hating on us college kids... not everyone who is on top of their podcasts from that genre have nothing to do. College is hard and time consuming too. (Episode 9) Still I'll be waiting for following podcasts. Way to podcast!
let me just say off the bat that i NEVER write reviews, so the fact that i took time out of my day shows you how flippin' awesome this podcast really is. I feel like actuallly know S & M and i love thier sense of humor! Thier opinions ARE actually relevant to the show an thier prespective really adds to my enjoyment of Gossip Girl. this has become one of my guilty pleasure of mine and i'm sure it will become one of yours. WAY TO GO GIRLS! YOU ROCK!!!
I love your podcast. It was actually the first one on my ipod when I got it and I continue to add more as you make them. You're so entertaining and I always find the time to listen. Great Job! -Nathalie
so yea i think the podcast is kinda SOMEWHAT along the lines of pointless but yall are very funny & you guys put the best music at the beginning, lol but your podcast is worth listening & subscribing to.
I was bored and looking for something fun and interesting to listen to, so I stumbled into this podcast.. I have just been listening for a only a week. Yeah, I know kind of late. But I still love it. I was wondering why it stopped at "Hi, Society"? Its missing about like 3 episodes. Anyways. This podcast is great. XOXO
i love this podcast. i laugh most of the time i hear it cause its like kicking back with my friends and gossiping about the show.i would definetly request to my friends cause being a fan of gossip girl this pretty much lives up to my exectations. good job S&A
I love this podcast. The girls are smart and entertaining and usually say exactly what I'm thinking when I watch the show. And who better to talk about a teen drama than TEENS? Keep it up girls, I can't wait for more! xoxo
i absolutely LOVE this podcast!
I wasn't expecting to much going into the podcast, but was really surprised with how much I enjoyed it. I do not lisen to many non-professional podcasts, but I will be lisening to all of these. What makes it so good is the interaction between A and whoever is podcasting with her, it is entertaining. keep up the good work.
I think it's a good idea but seriously. It just sounds like a bunch of bored girls hanging on to every word that comes out of that show. I love the show....not this podcast. Please get a life. You must understand that there is life beyond wednesday. in front of the t.v Thank you very much
Shake It by Metro Station. Awesome Song!!!
the song in the beginning of the 5th podcast is Apoligize by Timberland i havent listened to all of them yet but i think its pretty goodd, but i do LOVE gossip girl
I love this podcast! I feel like I'm sitting in my room talking to my friends about Gossip Girl. S&A do a great job of recapping the episode in their playful, candid way. Plus they are very funny. It's about time we get some podcasts that are actually worth listening to. Great job S&A! I look forward to talking gossip with you every week. XOXO
What the song is at the start of podcast number 5?
u guys rock on the first book & i only reading it cause i like da show so ya...too much drama tho
i luv ur podcast! u guys laugh a little to much but its still good. Why did u stop!? keep on going! its really cool cuz i actually live on the Upper East Side. yay!


I enjoy listening! It's fun and makes me laugh. Sometimes they get off topic but it fine. Great job and keep going!
I think you guys are doing a great job so far and i cant wait to hear more p.casts from you!


By T <3
ah, so happy that there's finally a podcast about my favorite tv show. yay! :] still a little rusty, but it's worth a listen.
Not the best podcast I listen to, but I know it will get better as they get the hang of podcasting. Can't wait to see how this show grows and progresses. I'm excited there is a Gossip Girl podcast!