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I wanted to hear the stance on vaccinations for our pets & hoping to hear all the pros and cons. Unfortunately this is a push of vaccines for our pets when most are unnecessary. I personally lost my 15 year old cat after getting her vaccinated for the first time (due to city laws since I moved from a small town into a city & the paperwork was required from my landlord). My indoor cat was never sick her entire life. Then she got vaccinated for rabies & distemper... after that she lost so much weight, went into kidney failure and had cancer at the injection sight. A healthy pet doesn’t just get sick overnight and then die a few months later. I was hoping to hear more about the side effects of vaccines for our pets so we can make an informed decision, but clearly that wasn’t talked about. As parents and pet owners we need to do our diligence to ask for the ingredient list and read the inserts for more information of possible side effects.
I was with you until Hartz. Really? No actual decent vet would try and tell us Hartz products are wonderful. Sad sad sad
This program was so helpful. I was so unsure of what to do and now I have peace. I am going to try the pet hospice I truly never thought of it that way. Keep doing what you are doing it is wonderful and informitive. Blessing.
The show is great! keep giving good info!
Informative is you know absolutely nothing about animal health or are a first time pet owner. To me this is a very PRO vaccination do what your vet says podcast. I prefer to hear a show that is a little less for the "vet" industry. otherwise,not bad for some basic first time pet owner info.
A interesting podcast. Dr. Cruz does a nice job interviewing her guests and asks good questions. I liked it.


By ktatkt
I enjoyed these podcasts!!