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When i first started to listen to this podcast I was disturbed. I’m a pretty jaded person and I was surprised that I had to switch podcasts because I was scared!! I walked away for a couple of weeks until I decided to get past the “altered” scary voice and listen to the story. The writing and imagination is awesome! Very dark, a touch of both demonic and sci-fi. The story line is unique and I have not heard anything like it. This is refreshing. This show has recorded sessions from 2007, which is crazy amazing!! True dedication in my opinion. A note of advice to the author, I would suggest to give a “listener advisory warning” at the beginning of your show to the listeners. Because if I got scared away, then I know for a fact that most who stumble upon your show will run away with tail tucked!! Keep up the good work!!!


The performers are unbearable. Teach them how to open their mouths when they talk
I’m a fan of Knifepoint Horror, Magnus Archives, and the White Vault, and now that all of those are on hiatus, I went searching for something legit creepy and found very little that wasn’t boring. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this. The story that prompted this review was “Gift of the Crossroads.” The first few stories were enjoyable, but that one will stay with me for awhile.
Fantastic series that I just stumbled upon, which I am so glad. Will positively buy all the hardcover books. Cosmic, imaginative horror at its finest that would make lovecraft proud. Keep up the great work my friend!
This podcast is perfect for those who love Lovecraftian horror, or just those who appreciate someone who writes at a higher level than most authors. The prose are exquisitely crafted and the stories are gripping and enjoyable to either read or listen to. My favorite podcast!
Keep it up man.


Sharkchild? More like shark bait. Writers who go on (and on and on) about themselves and the burden of their craft are tedious in the extreme. Perhaps if his prose were not so overblown. Being a rabid fan of Poe and Lovecraft, I like what it seems Sharkspawn is trying to do, but if after these many years he’s still not there...
I love it, been listening since ep 1 and really enjoyed ep100.
I am glad I found The Dark Verse podcast, great stories. I even bought the first of four books.
Great podcast...
I'm happy the episodes got longer and it's also great that your not doing that bad spoken word dark beat poetry thing you had been doing for so long. Maybe now you can just read, perhaps use a little soundsaping and read in your natural voice. You don't need a fake voice or gimmicks if the story is good. Edit: 2 months later: After revisiting this podcast I see that the creator can’t be bothered to stay on a release schedule. Nothing is worse than a creator who starts a patreon account and then doesn’t follow up with any new content except when they need refresh their quest for new money by asking for donations. This creator feels very narcissistic in his writing style, persona as sharkchild, his overuse of extended vocabulary and the gimmick voice he uses. Not putting out regular content is reason enough for me to bail on a creator. I see no reason to continue the support of a creator rides on their past uploads rather than continuing to create new material. Lazy!
“Welcome to NightVale” ain’t got nothing on The Dark Verse!!!!
And I love it already! I keep it on in between classes and it's one of the best. Please keep this going!
So I'm a huge creepy pasta fan and I just can't stop listening to you Sharkchild and I was wondering if you got my email... I'm so supporting you when I get the chance and a job I'm 18 so... haha well u r better than mr. creepypasta a narrator like u but not as good as u... so I see ur popping out dark verse episodes left and right lol awesome
Horrid writing. Try just writing the way you would tell the story to a friend. A friend who is alive, not Hawthorne or Poe.
Enjoyable strangeness!
Interesting stories that always disturb, the stories always interest me much more than most any other horror podcast. I know the author writes only short stories but I think it'd be interested to see him write a book!
This is an incredible podcast that really takes you to another world. I have truly enjoyed every piece of work by this author! The creativity and talent put forth within "The Dark Verse" is insane! Excited for more to come!
I loved them all, they need to release faster
Terrible narration. Mediocre stories. And ep91, looks like someone read JoJo Part 4 and learned about Cheap Trick. Burn the pictures, okay?
Just listened to the first episode and it feels like I'm listening to a lecture about horror audio rather than the story itself. There is clearly creative and descriptive language being used but the delivery is lacking. I hope to hear improvement in the coming episodes!
For fans of horror, weird fiction, or dark fantasy, this podcast is a must. Genuinely creepy tales read with good sound effects and musical accompaniment. Each of Sharkchild's stories feature unique, self-contained logic, and highly effective imagery. The imagination on display here is very impressive.
I just typed out a huge wall of why this podcast is the good stuff. And then I lost it. I'll write it again eventually but if your passing by and thinking of trying this cast out: 1) yes you should. Try at least 2 episodes if you aren't into the first one you try. 2) maybe start with my favorite episode - the age of thuamaturgics
I love this podcast and I've only listened to the first 50 episodes. I'm saddened that it's not more popular than it is.


Just got this podcast and I already love it. I wish it was still going on though.
This is the greatest podcast I listen to. I was reading some of the other comments, there is one in particular posted "probably works better on paper" I cannot express how much I disagree with that review. These stories are amazing. Amazing podcast, very original content. It's one of my new favorites. If you want weird horror this is the podcast you should be listening to.
Just discovered these podcasts and catching up. Visual, poetic, and creative. I like to listen to horror podcasts or audio books when I'm working on projects around the house. The Dark Verse requires more attention than just something in the background while scraping paint. The stories draw me in and make me think about them. It's along the lines of Poe and Lovecraft, but I actually like The Dark Verse better.
I love this Also some kid thinks there's supposed to be a story present throughout all the ep.s and since it's not there said ehhhh 1 star Fk it Said kid should get a cloth scrap sent to him maybe he'll say fk it again O.o
I enjoy these stories immensely. New fan of the dark verse but will be making my way up to current. Bravo!
These stories always leave me wanting to know more about the situation. I especially like those involving some sort of scifi element.
Been a fan since 2010. :D
I love these story's! Just change the reading voice, and everything will be epic! :D
This is great, I like that it takes the mind and forces it to really think! Keep up the good work..
These stories have a way of pulling you in. He conveys a darkness that really makes your heart sink. I don't like the reading voice but this is forgivable.
As a fan of horror, especially new creative ideas that havent been done to death, I was excited to stumble upon this podcast. However after listening to 10-15 episodes I was left torn. The story ideas are great, original concepts, but Sharkchild seems compelled to over write constantly. It i hard to focus on the feeling of the story or to visualize the scene when you are being bombarded with excessive description. I think its great that he has such an extensive vocabulary, but I don't need to hear it all in every episode. I hope Sharkchild continues to write, and to evolve his style as he does so. A trimmed down, less "wordy" version of just about any story here would win me over in a heartbeat.


By zuvl
Truly masterful nativity.
Who is this guy? A Cenobite? A whispering demon? Whoever he is...great podcast artist.
These stories are just beautifull to listen to. And vary colorfull. Id say the the creator is a true genious.
this is one of the better podcast i've listened too
I just started lisening. I have always been a fan of old time radio horror stories and it's nice to listen to something new (it's new to me) and a little more intense than I'm used to. Just wanted to say thanks and I hope there is more to come. MZBHVN
These tales are woven so intricately there is no possible way to listen to them and stay focused. Absolutely captivating and inspiring. The pod casts are quite suspenseful, the atmosphere is truly appealing. Dark Delicacies are truly delight-able in any context, rarely do I find that they are so dark and twisted, I am sure Sharkchild must dip the quills in its own veins. I am very pleased with the constant energy devoted to these tales. I will continue to support this creature as long as I possibly can.
The background music reminds me gothic, apocalyptic, and neofolk musicians. The music at the end of theshow makes reminds me of skinny puppy or download. And the stories themselves are a breath of fresh air.
For those that like to explore the darker shades of imagination, this podcast will be right up your alley. Very well written, crafted, and performed; give it a listen.
First i'll say the sound quality is great. But that's the only thing good about this. The reader uses a voice that's hard to listen to, sounds like he's wearing a helmet. Two episodes in and I see no plot forming. Maybe i'm too busy to catch the plot since I listen while working but I've heard other podcast that have been captivating even though I can't give them my full attention.
The author of these (Sharkchild) sort of reminds me of another author names H.P. Lovecraft. Each of Sharkchild's stories are usually scary and are always enjoyable. If you're a big fan of horror, fantasy or just looking for a good story, have a listen, it's worth the five to fifteen minutes :)


By ck1love
Sharkchild got me on the first story, I am hooked! His stories will cause you to think outside the normal relms of story telling into a place he calls The Dark Verse. It is absolutle amazing I have never heard stories told like these. I only wish he would come out with stories more offten but he is writing them as he goes with this pod cast, you cant demand creativity from an artist if the time is not right!
Fantastic, moodly slices of terror that are best taken in like a fine wine rather than a value meal cheeseburger. Sharkchild's brand of horror cuts right past the bone and scares the soul.
Great stories!! I love visiting the worlds sharkchild creates. Such well written and told stories. Thanks