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I really enjoy the format, and it's well researched, but I'm not interested in the Battle of Britain. I'll be checking back in the future for different topics.
Tony does a great job selecting and presenting interesting topics. My only complaint is a selfish one - ie that he can't turn out new episodes more often.
I don't usually give 5 star ratings, but this History show absolutely deserves it. Being American, I don't really speak English, but I can generally keep up with Tony's concise commentary. His delivery is excellent. Not having a map of the United Kingdom burned in my brain the way most people have of where they grew up, only interfered during the study of the English Civil War. An external map really helped there, but Tony added many details that I would not be able to get off of any map. He treated other topics similarly, but did not expect the listener to know where things were outside of the home islands. In other words, he gave us the geography that we needed for a complete picture. Although I am not a student of it, I thought that his coverage of the Battle of Britain over several episodes was clear, well researched and while it pointed us in a direction it did not make any judgements for us. I am partially hard of hearing, but I can hear Tony's voice almost all of the time. I actually keep some episodes on my smart phone to re-listen to when I have a long wait. Well done sir, well done!
I have just finished listening to the series on the Battle of Britain and am impressed with the research and delivery.
This is a great podcast that covers a lot of different things. If you are interested in the Battle of Britain in WW2, there is no place else I would recommend. I look forward to hearing history from you.
Frankly, the only thing that prevents this from being one of the two or three best History podcasts is uncertainty about scheduling. A fantastic podcast.
Recently discovered - have listened to them all. They are great! Hope he does more - Don G California USA
Welcome back, Tony! Love the well researched and presented materials. Maybe a little shorter interval between episodes?
Recently stumbled across this podcast, and it's a real gem. Topics, writing, delivery, production - all top drawer. Looking forward to an extended Binge!
I am a history podcast addict and this is one of my favorites. Unique, engaging and Mr. Cooks is a wonderful story teller. I’m guessing he has a day job and this is a hobby. While I would like nothing more than weekly new shows, waiting months is well worth it. What’s wrong with a little delayed gratification any ways?
I listen to a lot of history podcasts, but this one is by far my favorite. It is thoroughly researched, entertaining, and easy to follow. Unfortunately, episodes are spaced so far apart that it leaves listeners wondering if the podcast is dead.
This is a great series of podcasts. I love the information that is discussed. The shows are very well researched. Hopefully at some point he will put out another show. Either way thank you for the effort you put into the show!
Sadly, it appears discontinued.
The title is what first caught my attention. I really enjoy this podcast. I wish there were more of them. The tie in between things past and present is very well done. The subjects are interesting and I enjoy Tonys view points and British wit. I'm particularly fond of the English point of view regards the colonies.
Just started listening and am hooked. I just finished episode six and am familiar with the subject, but learn something new or get a different perspective with each listen. Podcasts are well organized and presented. Thanks!
Tony is at the top of his game.
This is a wonderful distillation of history peppered with chuckle-worthy one liners and sarcastic asides. Add to this an easy to listen to voice, great inserted music, and factual accuracy, and any history buff needs no further push. Suscribe and enjoy!
Along with Mike Duncan's History of Rome podcast, this one sets the gold standard. The Battle of Britain arc was my favorite so far. But who doesn't love the sound of Merlins?
I was addicted to Binge Thinking History after a few minutes of Episode 1. Though Tony covered hundreds of years of English history, he stuck close to his theme of the development of limits on the power of the monarchy…and its effect on Founding Fathers of the USA. Superb! Now I’ve listened to all of Binge Thinking History and, like any addict, I’m waiting desperately for more.


By mmaaaxx
Thanks Tony, this is a great, well researched, well spoken, entertaining podcast!
Silky vocals (British accent). Brilliant incites. No complaint! Love it all!
Fantastic work on neglected topics. The series covering the history of the British navy is a must-hear.
I really enjoy listening to Tony. His podcast is well-delivered, and has lots of interesting content (lots of history!). I only wish the programs were longer. Hint hint.
Just found this podcast and I am blown away. Hope I didn't fond it too late. Looking forward to listening to more recent casts! :)
This is my new favorite history podcast! I can't believe Tony is an amateur. Completely engaging and fast-moving. The detail is extensive without being ponderous.
Well-produced, informative, easy to listen to. My new favorite.
Tony does an excellent job presenting every piece of the past in an interesting and witty light as well as keeping the flow of history clear. I would love an episode covering the Battle of Hastings and the events leading up to it. Please do more! I love it!
Love the history show and the massive details if history (with a bit of Monty Python wit tossed in for good measure) make it come alive. I like the voice overs from diaries by our host... Maybe make them longer since we only get a few lines in their own words. Keep it up and would love to donate some money... A very small token for hours of enjoyment listening on my iPod Touch. Suggestions for shows. Roman Britannia, especially near the end 407 A.D. Also, British view of the USA Civil War and British invasions in Afghanistan ( the Great Game).
I have explored many history podcasts, and this is one of the very best, I'd place it in the top 5. Attention to detail that some might think "trivia" but very welcome to a true history lover, and not often found on other sources. Production values are very good and his speaking voice is always inflected enough to remain interesting. It's obvious he loves his topics as much as I do.
An outstanding series by a very well-informed — and thoroughly prepared — podcaster. His comments about Churchill in the 12/19/10 episode show that the statesman was often wrong on foreign and defense policy. In 1945 many British voters thought he was also wrong on domestic policy,
This is my new favorite podcast. Well told. Nicely produced. Informative. Entertaining. Engaging. Right up there with "The History of Rome." favorite history podcast.


By Dr. DP
Keep it up, very very informative
I enjoy history podcasts, and it is interesting as an American to get a British point of view. That being said, I am not surprised that there are some strong inclanations to the Protestant Church, with some between the lines jabs at the Catholic Church. While religion has played a major role in all world histories, I am not quite sure presenting it in a manner which makes one seem better or worse than another is the right way to go about presenting the material. I believe this to be true, as well, if the churches were switched. Overall a good podcast and would recommend it to history buffs.
I'm coming into this sort of late, and still working through all your past podcasts, but I love it so far! Your style manages to be informative, while still so easy to listen to that I am actually doing my math homework at the same time - in effect, you're giving my favorite school subject a chance to take the sting out of my most hated subject. Thanks!
This is an amazing podcast. The content is fascinating and the presentation is gripping. I wish there were more but when you listen to an episode you can understand why it takes so long to product one.
If you want to buff up your history, this is a great podcast with which to do it. I particularly enjoyed the history of the British Royal Navy. You might look at the length of the podcasts and think they are too long, but after listening to them you will realize that they are not nearly long enough. Why are you still reading this? Download this podcast already!
Highly recommend to neophytes or history buffs
The best history podcast available, hands down. My only complaint is that I spent the summer listening to all the available episodes and now I have to wait! Just got my first Ipod and made the mistake of starting with the best podcast that I have found so far, thinking that Tony is the norm rather than the exception. He could describe an icecube melting and make it interesting. I should have paced myself - it's like eating an entire box of chocolates instead of saving some for later. Never knew that the Battle of Britain could be so entertaining. I've listened to the ones on the historical basis of the Constitution twice already and I guess I'll have to listen to them again.
Don’t miss podcasts 5-9 on the battle of Britain. An absolutely fascinating and detailed account, which makes you feel as though you’re back in time, witnessing it yourself.
This is my favorite history podcast. Excellent & intriguing content; Tony has a real passion for his work. It doesn't come off like a lecture; more like a conversation between acquaintances. My only wish would be for more frequent casts, but as the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait". Great job, Tony!
At the risk of sounding cliche, this is one of the best podcasts out there. Tony's style is like two friends discussing history over a pot of coffee. Recently through a computer problem (on my end) I received TWO BTHP episodes at once. Woohoo! Christmas came early this year. The Battle of Britain series was incredible, keep up the good work. Every episode, Tony apologizes for the erratic schedule of the podcast. As a listener (and re-listener) to this podcast, I assure you, each episode has been worth the wait.
Just found BTH, and really love it. Its great to start at the beginning, except I know I'll catch up soon. Tony, hope you can keep it going.
Great stuff, Tony! well written narrative and well presented. Hope there are more offerings soon.
Organized, accurate, concise, entertaining. Anglocentric, without being Anglophile. Excellent production quality. Only complaint: wish this was Mr. Cox' full-time job. Keep up the good work! Suggestion for a future episode: Cochrane.
Tony puts together an excellent production. Well researched and presented, I'm almost through all of his old episodes. While a topic might take a bit longer than he anticipated, he pays each topic with the enthusiasm and respect it deserves. Definitely worth a subscription.
I love history. I really do. I regularly listen to 6 or 7 history podcasts and browse 4 or 5 others. Tony's podcast is one of the best that I have found. He has a good voice and sets a good tempo when he speaks. He appears to have done his research on all the topics he has covers. In short, he is a joy to listen to.... when he puts out a podcast, that is. There is a long gap between podcast, which is understandable considering the depth he puts into his podcasts. Plus, I'm sure he has a real job to feed the family and keep a roof over there heads. So, listen to his podcast, don't mind the delays and enjoy.
This was my absolute favorite podcast. Like most of the good ones, though, the listeners' interest far outlasted the podcaster's. Tony's podcast was thoroughly enjoyable and very informative. Like most listeners, I said I would wait as long as it took for each new episode, knowing the result would be worth it. After only two episodes this year (5 months apart at that), though, I've given up hope. It seems the best podcasters (like Tony) tend to have life get in the way....while the ones with nothing to say record two hours a day for years. Oh well, we can enjoy the archives at least. This was a great series. Thanks Tony!!
I have enjoyed these podcasts from the start. I feel that they are incredibly interesting. I like Tony's style and his wonderful way of telling a story. I would buy cds of his more in depth history lessons. (Just a suggestion). I also would like for Tony to consider doing more than just British history. Because I have complemented Tony's style I would like to say; Please don't let criticism change your podcast too much. There are plenty of us who love it just the way it is.