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A very well done show with good chemistry. Slim and Lou each bring their and style and great knowledge of more than just comics. If podcasts were pizza this would be a slice of Joe's and not some garbage Papa John's.
Continuing lack of preparation and research on Slim's part, along with the departure of Kzam and her replacement with a less enthusiastic host shows how important this podcast remains for Amazon owned comiXology.
So good i wish it was longer!
... this is what got me hooked on them. Kara and Matt have a great format and an infectious playful banter that really gets me in the mood to talk comics. If you're into comics, or even just looking for reasons to be into them, their podcasts could be just what you need.
Funny and enjoyable podcast that keeps me good company. Slim and Kazam have good chemistry and great taste in comics!
This is my go to podcast for getting great comic book recommendations. Whether it’s a new title, a just completed series, or an old favorite—I’ve followed many recommendations from this podcast and never been disappointed. Always a joy to have a new episode. Give it a try. Especially episode 443. I’m not saying it’s the greatest episode and every book in it is amazing, but it’s the greatest episode and every book in it is amazing.
So glad this podcast is back! I loved the old version a lot (and I do miss @davisallday -- maybe he could guest host at some point?), but this version is great too. Kara is such a great addition, and you can tell that a lot of female listeners are getting really into the podcast and broadening their comics horizons because of her, just listening to the letters. The host chemistry is definitely not totally solidified still (it hasn't been that long since it's been back, so you don't necessarily get that comfort level that hosts have after hundreds of episodes together), but it gets better each episode, and I have at least a couple laugh-out-loud moments each week. Honestly, my only complaint is I wish the episodes, or at least the "book swap" segments that they do at the end, which is like a book club but they recommend books to each other, could be a little longer. There's hardly time to get into anything at all when the whole episode is only 20 minutes long.
I really miss @davisallday Tony Davis being on the show. He and @slim had wonderful chemisty and made the podcast what it was; entertaining, thoughtful, funny, cool, and it introduced me to new comics that I wasn't reading. Ever since the year-long sabbatical (for which I kept my subscription button on HOPING for a new episode) things have gone way downhill. The chemisty just isn't there between these two. She laughs at everything Matt says, they emphasize French books way too much, and I don't feel like we have a lot of good discussion about comics or recommendations that make me want to buy. Most of the time I feel like I just get a synopsis of the newest issue. I may have to turn that subscription button to off until I hear word that Tony Davis has returned. Used to be a podcast I couldn't wait for every week, now I have like 10 unplayed episodes and I don't care.
Highly recommend this podcast. Hosts are great and the length is awesome.
I like the run time and the concept, especially inviting guest creators. BUT, there's nothing of substance here. It's a lot of I like this and I think that's great. Give me the reasons why. Also, the reviews are mainly of non-mainstream books. Most people read the mainstream ones. Lastly, please stop talking over each other. Very annoying in real life and on podcasts.
My favorite thing about it is the length and the interviews. They will give the limelight to a lot of indie creators and frankly that's kinda rare. Since around SDCC though they have this new guy (I think his name is Tony) that just bugs me. He jokes around way too often, and that'd be fine if he were funny. If he toned it down a bit, this would be a great podcast!
Great hosts. Great format. Talk about great comics. Love the podcast.

By brtw
Interviewing creators and showcasing products is always a great idea for a podcast, especially in chunks small enough to listen on my 15 minute drive home. With small yet informative podcasts, this series is an underrated hit!
I'm loving the new format that Slim & Jake are doing. Absolutely no reason to listen to the podcast now. It's very easy to find time to listen to the ~20 min podcast and be highly entertained at the same time. And what's up with the interview guests? Guys are starting to pull down some A+ trim, yea? Great, honest interviews that don't feel forced. Great job, guys!
Not liking the new format. The jokes and puns are forced. I don't mind Taylor, but Jake is a little too much for me. This is disappointing because the old format was what got me listening to comic-related podcasts to begin with. After listening to the first two episodes of the "new" podcast, I am unsubscribing.
This is a great podcast, highly recommended!! Check this out people!!
A fantastic, underated podcast. One of the best comics interview podcasts out there... and they have interviews with creators that you can't find anywhere else. Great, intelligent, informative interviews with the best of independent comics creators. AND the best NYCC coverage of any podcast out there. Keep up the great work!
Great content for comic lovers, most of us never actually meet the artists or writers that create what we read, I like the behind the scenes discussions with these people. Nice to get a preview of what they are doing in the near future too.
Exactly what I was looking for. I can't imagine anything better to get me in the mood for Comic Con NYC!
This podcast was a great find. They're not too long (perfect for a commute) and they've interviewed some great talent. I'm a Marvel/DC capes & boots type comic reader, but after a few of these podcasts I've been jazzed about exploring other books. Specifically Batman Grendel after the Matt Wagner interview. The podcats are like listening to a good conversation without it being too "fanboyish". I look forward to more.