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For longer form material, try any of the Monocle 24 podcasts.
After many good years of being a subscriber, the channel has recently failed to show any new episodes when one subscribes via the latest iTunes (even when one unsubscribes and resubscribes), even though new podcasts do appear to show up in the iTunes storefront. Perhaps someone can look into this?


Been a fan of this podcast for a long time
I came upon Monocle by accident. I decided one day to start downloading podcasts to see if there was something there I'd like. I found tons of podcasts that I was familiar with and had already liked from online or TV. Everyday I would catch myself staring at the Monocle logo, curious and attracted to the logo I decided to click and download. I didn't wtach it for weeks, but when I did I found myself wanting more and more. I just visited the Monocle web site for the first time and found out that it also had a Monocle radio station and magazine. Glad we found each other Monocle. I admit it, I am addicted to Monocle.
Monocle podcast is as worthwhile as reading their magazine each month. If you are interested in truly connecting with the people and places around the world - this will offer you the best insights and widen your experiences when you are traveling.
I love Monocle. It's such a great insight into cultures around the world. Just watch it.
Journalism with international approach.
I would own an iPhone just to get this. World-wide focus, but stories that could be at your backdoor. Insightful, fantastic, touching, always tastefully understated - nothing better on iTunes.
Erudite, thoughtful reporting for the 21st Century.
If you like style and stories about who is influencing style, you'll like this.
Monocle covers a broad spectrum of subjects, and works outside of the typical media fringes to offer their own point of view of the world. Sometimes they come off elitist, but there are many stories here, you can certainly find something to peak your interest. Get your design, world news, personal interviews, and interesting ideas on how others in the word live right here.
Best podcast by a mile. Wish this was a real tv show every week.
Monocle is just excellent.
The magazine is awesome and this video edition complements their vision of style & world affairs.
this is the best podcast on iTunes.
Q: From what international city does a gentleman who hails from Saville Row state he would “…rather buy a suit off the peg, than a tailor-made one from London?” A: Sorry…you’ll have to watch the podcast. ;^) I cannot believe I am the first to write a review on Monocle! What is everyone else watching?!? Watching these shows makes me feel like I am part of the International human race! Ah...maybe THAT is why more people aren't watching: the writers don't specifically cater to 'mericans nor do they assume the U.S. is the center of the universe. Coincidentally, the piece on rebranding the United States was superb! ...I was enthralled by the story on the Frankfurt car show...Eataly was way, way cool! All of these pieces are so professional and so very topical. They educate me on things I do not know about and entertain me as well. It is a win-win combination. “Gee, Bob…can I, uh…well, you know, these podcasts are so darn good…so, can I …um…are we allowed to give a SIX?” “I understand...I had to ask. So, I give it a FIVE, Bob.” “…under protest…it deserves a six.”