Intro To Motorcycle Roadracing

Reviews For Intro To Motorcycle Roadracing

This is a pretty cool podcast, alot of the information is already available for anyone who's willing to look out on the internet, but its still really fun to hear other racers' personal experiences and once they get talking you can really get alot of insight, which is really my favorite part of the podcast.
Love these podcasts! Many great tips to get started on the race track. These guys make you feel like they would take me under their wing at my first couple track days. Very helpful stuff.
When I started roadracing, everyone on the internet pointed you to the newbie racer FAQ. It was a great resource, but I don't think it's been updated since 2001. I think today new racers (or trackday riders) should give a listen to this podcast; especially, the earlier episodes.
I found this while looking for podcasts directed at beginning riders (not just beginning racers), and still found it very helpful. Kelly and Brandon work great together and make the podcasts easy to listen to. This has really opened my eyes to all things motorcycle related and helped me get versed in the culture surrounding them. These are fantastic for riders on a budget (who isn't?).
The format is great. It is just two guys talking about racing, making sure to explain any concepts along the way. They give advice from personal experiences and keep you entertained along the way. The tips they give really help a person new to the racing world, like me. Great job, guys. Keep it up.
Just started listening to this podcast and have enjoyed the approach to providing information for riders looking to get into racing or just track days. Well done in a conversational tone with added features (interviews, etc.) in more recent episodes. Frequent updates and a good length for each show. Highly recommended.
I've been listening for a while now and i've come to really like Intro to motorcycle roadracing. I thought this would be a boring podcast at first but after the first show it peaked my interest. Even though i've been racing for a while i still learn new things from these guys. Im just a club racer just like these guys so its easy to relate to their racing. I also really like the length of the show, 20 to 30 minutes provides enough time to keep me interested without going on and on and on. My only complaint is they dont do the podcasts more frequently !
I've listened to the first 4 episodes so far, and I've been very impressed with how Kelly breaks information down into digestible pieces. At this point I'm only looking to complete some track days and build my skills. This podcast has already been a big help. The hosts are very open with their past mistakes, which helps explain a lot of situations. A bonus for me, living in Florida, is that they discuss tracks in my state. Awesome!
This is a great podcast for anyone considering spending some time on a track. The reviews, tips and advice are great, and the format is improving with every show. Good Luck with the 2008 season, and keep 'em coming.