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Appointment listening each week! Is anyone taking over the podcast? I will miss hearing about the Braves from you all.
Great insight that Braves fans could learn a lot from over what your hear on TV. Well done! You'll be missed! Please don't gooooo!!!
Thanks for the amazing work through the years, fellas! A helluva run! Y’all will be missed.
This is their last few shows. I’m going to miss these guys.
Started listening during the NLDS of 2019. Have had great experience listening during the 2020 season & current postseason too! One request please don’t quit doing the podcast. But I understand too.
I subscribe to dozens of podcasts - this is always the first one I listen to as soon as it is downloaded. Three guys who really know their stuff, and are absolutely hysterical. A must-subscribe for any Braves fan!
As a lonely Braves fan in Central California, these guys always give me the heartbeat of the team and provide realistic takes that keep me updated. They do what ESPN can’t, keep me updated on my favorite team when I’m not a local. Highly recommend, my only complaint is I only get one a week! Keep up the great content and go Braves!
I am a long time listener and listen weekly. Overall, I enjoy the show, I like how it is organized and kept to the point, it doesn’t drag on for over an hour like many podcasts these days. I like the weekly bits like Shot in the Dark as well. My only critique is they sometimes come across as uninformed (forgetting players names, not knowing how someone performed last year, not knowing who would be the best options to play). I would say Ham comes across uninformed the most but he makes up for it with his sense of humor. Steve is a good host, keeps things moving along well. Just they interrupt each other and talk over each other a little too much which can get annoying for the listener. Not the most analytically focused show, but if you want that I would listen to the Talking Chop Podcast. These guys are more relatable and seem like some regular Braves fans who like to talk about the team which I enjoy. Overall a solid podcast that I plan to continue to listen weekly to.
Used to love this show but it’s gone downhill this year. Search for another one
Easily the best Braves podcast. I really enjoy their passion, humor, and different personalities. The Shot In The Dark and breakdown of upcoming series with predictions are so much fun. Thanks and keep up the great work!
I love to hear Steve, Hammy and Curt talk about my favorite all time team! Their love of the Braves is very evident and the insights and color commentary these three provide are “chef’s kiss”! Will listen to the next 470 episodes without a doubt.
Must listen if you are a Braves fan. Only wish is that they would keep in mind that some Braves fans that listen at not local. Some of the stuff they talk / don’t talk about are assumed.


Comes across as uninformed far too often. Regurgitates a lot of info from local beat reporters. I would look elsewhere for reliable Braves info
These guys are fabulous. I can't get enough. There are plenty of pretty good braves baseball podcasts. Of the very best, or 1A, then the other guys.
My favorite Braves podcast!
Love these guys! They are clearly members of the Old Guard, and I love it. They can refer back to the Good Ole’ Days with authority, and they can get excited about how much fun Ozzie & Ronnie are. My first Braves podcast every week!
I have been listening since the rebuild and I don't miss a Monday Morning show. I enjoy all three of the guys and Id prob bring the show to the next level with my hot takes. Needs a 4th wheel to drive straight. Im 38 and my girlfriend has to watch tv in the other room from 7-10 pm 6 months out of the year. - Jeremy from Texas
Great show, every week!
Steve et al are simply the best. 💯
Atlanta for World Series 🥇🥇🥇🥇
These guys are great with their knowledge, chemistry, and banter. Keep up the great work and Go Braves.
Love the show. Love the guys. They are down home. No pretense here. They lead with their hearts and their love of the Braves. They express the tremendous joy, and similarly the devastating heartbreak, of being a Braves’ fan.
Really compelling discussion of the pros and cons of last week in Bravesdom. Good chemistry and well thought out observations.
Look forward to each new show!
Atlanta Baseball Talk honestly makes me feel like I’m talking to a couple buddies about one of the best up and coming teams in baseball! Look forward to listening every Sunday Night
These guys have so many errors. It feels like they don’t even watch the game and just base their opinions off stats. Not worth it. Straight up trash.
Hands down best Braves podcast out there. Check it out!
Hands down. Best breves podcast. Love it. Thanks guys.
My favorite baseball related podcast.
For anybody who likes real, fair analysis of Atlanta Braves baseball look no further. These three deliver a welcoming balance of statistical outlook, personal opinion, and humorous banter. This pod is a can’t miss.


By Jtimm13
This is a very fair assessment of Braves’ baseball, and at a great length. Keep it up!
Perfect balance of optimism and critique.
This podcast is for realistic, true fans of the Braves. They love the Braves, but they’re honest about shortcomings. They’re hopeful, and not pessimistic in my opinion. A little self-deprecation is good for the soul of any fan base. These guys tap into that well. If you think everything the Braves and the organization does is 100% infallible, then stop listening to podcasts and apply for a job with the front office.
They are so doom and gloom about ever little thing, it’s like Twitter reactions. The latest episode(April 21) they are still seemingly down on the Markakis signing who has been nothing but spectacular for the Braves so far this year. I guess I’ll keep listening but they have some bad takes.
So negative it’s almost humorous. I’m all for being able to critique. But in one episode, one of the guys literally said “what if Teheran is terrible? What if Folty is hurt all year? What if Gausman is terrible? What if Newcomb can’t throw a strike?” Acting like those were legitimate concerns. That’s not analyzing or critiquing, that’s just being dumb and negative. They also just have little to no baseball knowledge.
Nice in depth coverage. Well done.
If you’re looking for the most pessimistic podcast about your favorite baseball team you’ve come to the right place.
Best Braves show!!
Great insight, comedic quality, and 3 genuine guys. Love the segments and the banter. Great podcast!
Just writing this so I don’t have to hear Chip and Joe talk about how the game has changed next week.
There’s lots to love here, but my favorite thing is that these guys provide thoughtful, different opinions that you KNOW aren’t endorsed/funded by the front office. Every episode feels like structured water cooler talk with lifetime fans. P.S. Steve - don’t ever let the other two clip your wings. Hammie and Curt need your buoyant and delightfully unrealistic expectations to keep the party rolling.
This podcast is awesome. It’s entertaining, informative and funny. The 3 hosts feed well off each other, never interrupt or talk over each other like other podcasts. Very professional. Also they are interactive with the listeners offering prizes for playing their “shot in the dark” game.
Simply perfect. Love the sections and insight. Keep up the good work! If you love the Atlanta Braves there just isn’t a better podcast available.
Best podcast available for avid Braves fans. The trio does a great job covering the team each week. They offer a nice balance of opinions about the Braves. They also bring in interesting guests. I have been listening for three seasons and look forward to many more.
Thanks for the consistently enjoyable podcast. Please just keep putting in the effort and thought to make it current and honest. Reminds me of the classic Braves broadcasters through the 80s and 90s. For Brave fans, it’s great.
Still my favorite podcast ever.... been listening since the start. Don't ever stop....
I recently started listening to this podcast because I wanted more Braves baseball talk in my life. Luckily for these guys I haven't found another one because they are lacking in general baseball acumen and knowledge.
Would probably rate higher if there were more regular episodes. Dave o Brianis great but he needs to learn how to speak into his phone or get a new phone all together.
Solid Braves fans all have good takes. A must if a fan.