Saint of the Day

Reviews For Saint of the Day

Part of my daily routine. I get so much joy from learning about these heroes. This podcast puts the biggest smile on my face every morning
I listen to it every day! Thank you for your amazing Work. Keep it up
This has been my daily reminder of the “cloud of witnesses” in the morning. I’m grateful for this podcast, as it often helps me when I need a nudge in the right direction or even a good shove.
I started out liking this podcast, but issues with downloads (some still show up in 2019) kinda spited me on it. And then I realized in the three months I’ve been listening, I think there has been one woman saint. So I’m done. It’s 2020. Be better.
Wonderful hard word
This podcast tells you the story of our Christian faith through individual lives. A true wealth of history and lives to learn from.
I eagerly wait for the next day’s Saint of the Day. No question, this is one of our greatest assets as Orthodox. To get my daily dose, I rely heavily on this.
I'm a protestant, so I've never gotten a full education in the Christian martyrs. I love this! It's a great way to lean about the old Christians.
My favorite podcast. Spiritually challenging, encouraging, and educational.
Since this is a daily podcast it is the one I listen to the most. I like to end off with this one at night after reading and story time!! Often I'll let it go through the readings for the week. It's very nice to talk about with the kids.
I subscribe to the Franciscan "Saint of the Day" podcast. JPII referred to "both lungs of the Church [East and West] breathing." I would encourage all Orthodox and Byzantine Christians to subscribe to a Latin Rite saint of the day. I, for one, am a proud Latin Rite Catholic subscribing to this fine "oriental" podcast.