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When you put the Improve Photography podcasts together as a whole it is quite an amazing tour de force for everyone. Brian brings great gear reviews and some interesting interviews with today's best photographers. Keep up the incredible work over there at IP!
Absolutely great, very informative podcast.
I subscribe to all the Improve Photography podcasts. I want to like this one but I have such a hard time listening to this one. There have been numerous audio problems not only by the host but by his guests. I understand there will be issues with "call quality" via Skype or whatever service you're using but try to figure these things out before recording the podcast. As for the host Brian, he seems to be a nice enough and knowledgeable guy but there are some issues. So Brian PLEASE: SPEAK UP so people can hear you clearly. You have a deep voice, turn down the low end EQ and turn up the mid range EQ (slightly). Show some ENTHUSIASM for your guest, WAKE UP. PREPARE some questions in advance. LISTEN to your guest, on several occassions you ask questions that the guest just finished explaining. I like everything on the Improve Photography podcast and there has been some good info here but this one needs some help.
Best I've listened to. I always become interested in whatever random topic is the subject. Never new what RoofTopping was... Now I've liked tons of YouTube videos! Need inspiration? Listen to this one.
This podcast is always informative and helps me stay up to speed with everything photography related.
Improving photography is a unique podcast in which the host is joined by an industry expert to share information and advice about current events affecting photographers. Very great!!
I really enjoy this podcast! I love how Brian is always advocating for community in the photography industry. Every week it's something new and you never know what you're going to get so I say tune in each week and see if it's something you're interested in and if not...listen anyway because it could be something you could become interested in. If I had to say one thing that could make this podcast better would be to make it shorter.
I love Improve Photography, but Jim was apparently pretty desperate to find hosts. Brian is a real drag to listen to and is not interesting at all. The interviews are awkward and he just chases his tail the whole time. I'm sorry, but I am done with this podcast. It's also weird to note that all of the 5 star reviews are 5-6 years old for a podcast that has only been out a few months. They must have recycled a feed.
I would give this podcast 5 stars if their audio wasn’t so bad. I keep trying to listen but it’s too hard to hear the guests and they seem to be busy doing other things when they talk. haha I’ll keep trying.
Cannot complete a sentence without saying "uuumm" or "aahh". Very distracting. Listen to the other podcasts from Improve Photography, you will see what I mean. Was looking forward to this,downloaded them all now am deleting them all.
Such a perfect lunchtime treat! Always thought provoking topics and the interviews are always inspiring. Thank you
Paul presents photography info that is very useful to photographers in all stages of their development. The practical straight forward information is so helpful. I thought that I did not like the interviews he does with other photographers, but I was wrong. I go to their web sites and have found some wonderful work that I really enjoy - not every one, but that is to be expected. As I listen to the photographers, I usually learn something and I am always inspired to go out and make some photos of my own. Paul gives us information that we can put to use - no matter what stage you are in your photographic endeavors. Thank you Paul.... your time and efforts have made me a better photographer.
Where most podcasts would talk about gear and technical nonsense, Paul gets to heart of what photography is all about, vision, inspiration, creativeness.
Paul's topic-related shows are really insightful...I value his straight-up information that he shares so freely. I generally love the interviews, but recent ones are hard to get through: I wish he didn't steer the interviewee so much. And make them sit through him spelling out their names... :)
One of the best podcasts for photographers because there is not one peep about camera gear or the tech side of photography. Paul Giguere focuses on what really matters in photographer: taking great pictures. After I learned all the technical aspects of photography I realized I still wasn't happy with my shots and this podcast helped me realize what I needed to do in order to take better pictures. Thanks for doing this Paul! Justen Eason
Great for artists on anyone interested in moving their photography to the next step. Inspiring, informative, challenging and more. It is pleasant to listen to Paul. I just love this podcast!!!!
This is a great photo podcast that does not focus on equipment. Paul does a great job sharing motivations and marketing information for fine art photographers and discussing what he calls a "photographic life". I appreciate Paul taking the time share this podcast since he, like many of us, must balance his art time with his family and real job.
Paul does a great job at looking at the personal and creative side of our craft. The interviews are great in that they focus on the same items, personal and creative aspects of photography, but from someone else's point of view.
I have been listening to this show as for the last year and enjoy it alot it has a lot of information as well as links to other great photographers. The show is easy to listen to and serves as a good tool for photographers. Well that is all I have to give today. Eric


Thought provoking and inspirational. My thanks to Paul for taking the time to share with us.
I've been listening to a lot of photography podcasts lately, there are a lot out there. A lot! But 'Thoughts on Photography' really stands out. It always leaves me thinking, feeling like I've learnt something new, or that I have something new to learn and try out. I'm just starting to explore photography as an artistic medium, and Paul's podcast has been very thought provoking. His 'Thoughts on Photography' inspire your own 'Thoughts on Photography.' There are also quite a few episodes which I listened to and saved, so I can go back to them later for reference or inspiration. Great podcast. Please keep them coming.
A must-listen for anyone interested in moving beyond the technical and into the deep, mysterious world of photography as art. Great tips on the practical and theoretical. Sits at the top of my playlist.
Hits the target with insightful comments for photographers looking to get into fine art photography or for those already there.
Paul does a great job exploring the creative process as it relates to photography. As someone aspiring to fine art photography, I appreciate the work Paul does in discussing the artistic side of the process, rather than the umpteen podcasts dealing with the technical side.
Thoroughly enjoyable, thoughtful and inspiring. No clutter here, just straight talk about the art and business of photography.
Elementary and conventionally conformist droning about what Giguere thinks passes for art photography. Lots of better podcasts to choose from.
Finally, a podcast that actually speaks to photography as opposed to gear and hollow techtalk. keep this comming!
As a person interested in the world of fine art photography I have been loving this. Also check out Lenswork if this suits you.
This straightforward podcast covers important topics for beginners and intermediate photgraphers. Listening keeps you on your feet, reminding you why you love photography, and helping you to think about the art. Listening will improve your understanding of the field of photography.
Listening to this podcast has really opened my eyes to places where I can go with my photography. Each episode was interesting, informative, and an illuminating, and, I believe I speak for other listeners when I say this, very well edited and put together. It is nice to listen to a podcast free of reviews of cameras and references to the work of the photographer. I wish you luck with your photography, and would very much enjoy listening to future episodes of this podcast.