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Found this podcast in summer of 2011. Tom and Nevin share a tremendous amount of useful information with listeners from their many, many years of experience in the hobby. They also recount numerous stories from their youth that I found quite interesting. Sadly, they are no longer publishing episodes. But you can enjoy the episodes in the archvies here on iTunes and on their web site. Thank you Tom and Nevin!
I listened to this podcast for years and gleaned a lot of information from it. I will miss it! At least there's still the archives!
I'm not sure why it hasn't been on for awhile but it would be a horrible loss if the Bailey brothers stopped sharing their knowledge and wonderful experiences with the rest of us. PLEASE come back!
I'm grateful to finally find a show mostly about freshwater fish. They definitely know there stuff and are great teachers of the hobby.
They are brothers so you have to expect that dynamic between the two ;) I find their interaction rather endearing. They do know their stuff and have the experience to back it up. They are not above admitting mistakes or retracting prior advice when the latest info proves to be contradictory. All in all I enjoy their Podcast ;)
Like the pod but Tom jumps around so much sometimes total lose of time. Nevin needs a sock and duck tape!
Hey the show is great. Thats talk about saltwater stuff no one care about freshwater.


It's obvious that Nevin knows more than Tom about fish, but Tom can't be quiet for a second...and even though Tom claims he is not a good photographer he constantly wants Nevin's opinion on his photos to try and prop himself up- extremely funny stuff!
I gave this 3 stars because I actually did enjoy listening to several podcasts and even got a few tips. But I was constanly distracted by Tom constanly interrupting Nevin. You can tell Tom doesn't want Nevin to get a single word in! Even when Tom asks him questions, he cuts him off about 5 words into his reply and implies he's wrong. I also noticed so many plugs of certain brands and products that I cannot take any product related advice seriously from Tom. I don't know if he's earnestly telling me this one type of fish food is great or if he's trying to keep his sponsors. You either need to be more subtle or leave out mentions of specific brands or products.
Have been listening to Tom and Nevin for several years. Glad they are available with iTunes now. Great interviews and information. I probably would not have started my aquarium without them.
These guys certainly know their fish. Only problems with this podcast are the several minutes of ads in the middle of the show, plus the fact that Tom constantly dominates Nevin, interrupting him, talking over him, telling him he's wrong, asking him patronizing questions, stuff like that. Kind of funny, yet strange.
This is an excellent podcast for both beginner aquarium hobbiest and experienced.
These Guys know their stuff! Very useful podcast if you love keeping fish. Thanks Tom and Nevin for a great podcast!