The Revolve Tour Podcast

Reviews For The Revolve Tour Podcast

I avsolutly LUV these podcasts & videocasts!!!!!
Chad eastham is AMAZING!!!!!!! i love him.his idea of guys are waffles girls are spaghetti is so funny!!!!!!!! he's a genius when it comes to if you get the chance to go to revolve tour go,its so much fun!!!!!!!!!
Well I was lucky enough to meet Chad at the Revolve Tour! It was an incredible experience, and you should go too! Chad was amazing then, and He's amazing on this podcast! Subscribe now! :)
the podcast is pretty good. it gets long/lengthy at times, and Brie is sooooo annoying sometimes. Sheesh, she's like a middleschooler with chad! And as you can see from the other reviews, he's the only reason they give it 5 stars.
I went to the Revolve Tour this past year and LOVED it!!! This podcast is great, and I love Brie and Chad! They're sooo funny! Jenna rocks too!!!! LOVE IT!!!
best tour ever. i love this pocast it makes me laugh! cant wait wait till next year!
Hey Revolve, I loved the first episode, but when are we getting more! Chad you are amazing. You really give a lot of information about how boys think and act. It is extremely helpful. And Brie you are also extremelly helpful with family struggles. I loved you guys on tour and cannot wait for some more episodes!
Absolutely love it!!!!! So good!!!!
ha i love chad and brie together their really funny! yeah im so glad there is finally a podcast for revolve tour!!:}
This podcast is awsome! I've seen Chad Eastham talk at the revolve tour, and he was good. It sounds like him talking at the revolve tour on this podcast. He gives good advice and he is so funny. I really liked this podcast and i am glad that they made it!!!! :D
Chad Eastham is a genius. He is so smart and just wow. I can not believe how fortunate I have been to meet with him both years I have been to the Revolve Tour. He is truly a blessing. THANKS ALOT CHAD YOUR AMAZING! Oh but yeah I DEFINATELY reccomend the podcast :)